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Interior Layouts That Give Your Flat a Good Fragrance

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Posted on
May 21, 2023

Not so long back, owning a piece of land or residential property was the dream of most Indians.

Rapid urbanisation and the opening up of the economy have made living in residential apartments and flats a convenient and affordable option. Most apartment complexes offer easy maintenance and a host of facilities as well. The one challenge that most homeowners face when living in flats, though, is not having enough natural ventilation. This means that eliminating odours and keeping the air circulating requires more planning and effort.

Designing interior layouts to optimise ventilation

The right interior layout is the first step to having a fragrant and fresh-smelling apartment. Buying apartments in the construction stage becomes easier. Design an open layout that offers free airflow. For example, consider using partial glass partitions or cane dividers instead of having a separate living room and dining area. This makes for greater cross ventilation, removes odours, and keeps your home smelling wonderful. Similarly, opting for sliding glass doors to separate the balcony area from your bedroom or living space allows you to open up and let the outside air in when the weather gets pleasant.

The Kitchen-Dining Dynamic

The interior layout of most flats and apartments allows for a single-walled or galley-style kitchen. If the other wall separates the kitchen from the dining area and is not load-bearing, you can ask the builder to install a counter-style opening or even design an open kitchen. Along with a high-power electric chimney and open windows, this design element can keep your home from getting smoky and overwhelmed with smells from the kitchen. If you are hiring a professional interior designer, deodorising this space is something you must focus on to keep your home smelling fragrant.

The Bathroom Situation

Like the kitchen, the bathroom and toilet are often the smallest in most modern flats. Privacy needs make it impossible to design large windows, compounding the issue of moisture and humidity. This damp and dark environment is nearly always humid, making it perfect for mouldy and musty smells. Opting for a powerful ventilation solution and an exhaust fan is important to keep your bathroom from becoming smelly. You may also consider installing a dehumidifier and keeping the bathroom area dry as much as possible.

Tips To Keep Your Home Smelling Great

Apart from these various layout options, there are several natural ways to keep your home smelling great. Here are some that you may want to explore –

  1. Cultivating a herb garden, particularly one on the window sill or the grills, is a good idea. The outside air brings with it the wonderful fragrance of fresh herbs.
  2. Storing packs of natural potpourri in the living room, bedroom, and bathroom is a good idea. Several DIY options involve making potpourri sachets from dried flower petals and herbs.
  3. Low-smoke or no-smoke incense sticks are a good idea, particularly if you use these for your daily prayers.
  4. Fresh blooms are unbeatable when it comes to a divine fragrance. Consider a rose plant for your balcony or at least sourcing fresh flowers for your living room.

Getting your home odour-free can require effort, particularly for those living in flats and apartments. So you may need to get creative in your approach.