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Live A Serene Life in Vikhroli: Home to Maharashtra's Largest Mangrove Forests

Blox Social
Posted on
Mar 17, 2023


If you want to be near nature, Vikhroli, a suburb of Mumbai, is the best place to live. The largest mangrove forest in Maharashtra can be found in the locality, which is situated in the centre of Mumbai. The 12.6 square kilometre-long mangrove forests are referred to as the Vikhroli mangrove forests.

If you want to get away from the noise and bustle of the city, Vikhroli is the perfect place to call home. The neighbourhood is home to a wildlife sanctuary and has a lot of green space. Numerous high-rise structures can be found in Vikhroli, and those looking to live near nature, highly prize the apartments in Vikhroli West.

Benefits of Living in Vikhroli

The benefits of living in Vikhroli are numerous. There are various significant landmarks are close by, and the region has good connections to the rest of the places in Mumbai. As a hub for several important corporations, it is the best place to live and work.

The suburb is renowned for having top-notch healthcare and educational facilities. Along with numerous hospitals and clinics, the area is home to many schools and colleges. Additionally, having a home in Vikhroli gives you access to various leisure pursuits. Along with a number of parks and playgrounds, the suburb is home to a considerable number of restaurants and shopping centres.

Flats in Vikhroli West

If you want to buy your dream flat in Vikhroli West, you will be spoiled for choice. Several high-rise buildings in the area provide spectacular views of the mangrove forests and surrounding areas. The majority of the flats in Vikhroli West are modern and well-equipped with all of the amenities you require. You can choose from 1 BHK, 2 BHK, or 3 BHK flats based on your needs and budget.

The flats in Vikhroli are also close to several important landmarks, making it simple to commute to work or school. There are several bus stops and train stations in the area, and the suburb is also well-connected by road.

Living amidst the Mangrove Forests

Living in Vikhroli gives you the opportunity to live close to mangrove forests, which is unusual in a city like Mumbai. You can see different birds and animal species in the mangrove forests while walking or jogging in the area.

The mangrove forests are a great place to learn about the environment and nature. The Vikhroli region is home to a number of universities and research institutes with an emphasis on environmental studies.

The Mumbai suburb provides a rare chance to live in the middle of nature. Not only are the mangrove forests in Vikhroli the biggest in Maharashtra, but they also play an essential role in the city's ecosystem. The Thane Creek water that enters the city is filtered by the mangroves, which ensures its safety for human consumption.

Gain more knowledge

Living in Vikhroli's mangrove habitat provides an opportunity to gain more knowledge about this crucial ecosystem and the value of its preservation. Many community organisations and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in the region work to protect the mangroves and raise awareness of the value of conservation.

In addition to having several high-rise structures, for those who want to enjoy both city life and the outdoors, Vikhroli is a great place to call home. The apartments in Vikhroli West are in high demand because they provide stunning views of the mangrove swamps and the neighbourhood.

The apartments in Vikhroli West are contemporary and well-appointed with all the necessities. There are numerous shopping centres, eateries, and cafes in the area that serve the needs of the locals. Families with children will especially enjoy the area because it has many parks and playgrounds. The neighbourhood has good access to the rest of Mumbai., with several bus stops and train stations in the area. It is simple to travel from Vikhroli to other parts of the city thanks to the LBS Road and the Eastern Express Highway.

Explore the cultural heritage of Mumbai

Living in Vikhroli is also an excellent opportunity to explore the cultural heritage of Mumbai. The suburb is home to several historical landmarks, such as the Kanheri Caves and the Mahakali Caves. These landmarks offer an insight into the rich history and culture of Mumbai and attract tourists from all over the world.


Living in Vikhroli offers a unique opportunity to live amidst nature in a bustling city like Mumbai. The suburb has everything you need to enjoy a comfortable and serene life, from modern flats to excellent educational institutions and healthcare facilities. The mangrove forests in Vikhroli also offer an opportunity to learn about nature and the environment. For those who are passionate about sustainability and conservation, it is the ideal place to live.