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MahaRERA QR Code Update: Everything You Need To Know

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Posted on
Aug 10, 2023

Over the last decade, people across the country have adopted the digital revolution. From daily groceries to bigger decisions like health and wealth, Indians are accessing the internet like never before to research, compare and carry out tasks. This digitisation has also spread its wings in the real estate industry, with online property buying portals like Blox becoming a regular haunt for potential homebuyers everywhere.

But while surfing through online property buying portals, many of us have faced the issue of fraudulent property listings. Multiple links that seem to show the same property, but have varied details in each different link. To combat this issue and aid in correct information gathering, MahaRERA (Maharashtra Real Estate Regulatory Authority) recently introduced QR Codes that every real estate project is required to display. Under this directive, all new real estate projects registered with MahaRERA from August 1st 2023, must display their QR Code prominently on any and all promotional materials. Starting from March 2023, MahaRERA initiated the distribution of QR codes for its registered projects. 

What is the QR Code Initiative? Why Is It Important?

Transparency has long since been a dilemma that has plagued homebuyers in India. Online property portals have attempted to bridge this gap, but these issues still persist. 

This new initiative by MahaRERA is a step in the right direction, as it will grant users direct access to a singular source of information about the project they choose to explore. The QR code should be presented in a manner that ensures its clarity, readability, and compatibility with software applications. It should be displayed alongside both the MahaRERA registration number and the project website address

According to a MahaRera official, “Homebuyers can now access critical information under Form 5, which mandates developers to provide updated information on construction progress and financial updates every quarter and half-yearly. By scanning the QR code on newly registered project certificates, homebuyers can retrieve this information with ease.”

What information can one get from the MahaRERA QR code?

By utilising the QR code displayed on project registration certificates within MahaRERA's portal, prospective homeowners have the ability to access essential project-related details. These encompass key information such as the project's name, details about the promoter, important dates like completion and registration, and the project's received statutory approvals, among other pivotal data.

Furthermore, the scanning of the QR code facilitates access to crucial insights, including any alterations made to the approved project plan, extensions to its validity period, and issued recovery warrants. Additionally, the scan grants access to the project's financial standing and adherence to timely delivery, encompassing records of complaints and issued warrants, if applicable.

Where Must The MahaRERA QR Code Be Displayed?

The QR code needs to be displayed in a manner that ensures it is easily readable, detectable by software applications. It should be placed alongside the MahaRERA registration number and the project website address.

According to the MahaRERA mandate, this QR Code must be clearly displayed on the following platforms:

  • Advertisements in newspapers, magazines, journals
  • Printed flyers, brochures, catalogues, leaflets
  • Prospectus or standees on project sites, Sales Offices
  • Websites/web pages of projects
  • Social media advertisements
  • Any other advertisements where QR codes can be published.

​Why Must Every Real Estate Project Comply With This Mandate?

Through an official decree dated July 25, 2023, issued by MahaRERA, any failure to adhere to the prescribed QR code functionality will be classified as a breach of the directives set forth by Rera. Promoters found in violation will face penalties outlined in Section 63 of the Act, ranging from a minimum of Rs 10,000 to a maximum of Rs 50,000 for each instance of non-compliance.

In cases where the penalty is imposed, and the promoter does not rectify the violation within a span of 10 days, this will be considered an ongoing infraction of MahaRERA's directives. In such instances, if the penalty is levied and the promoter fails to rectify the violation within 10 days, it will be regarded as a continual breach of MahaRERA's directives, prompting the regulatory authority to take suitable actions as per the relevant provisions of the Act.


In conclusion, the introduction of the MahaRERA QR Code initiative marks a significant step towards enhancing transparency and trust within India's real estate sector. This innovation addresses the long-standing challenge of misinformation and fraudulent listings that have affected potential homebuyers. By offering direct and reliable access to comprehensive project details through the QR codes, MahaRERA aims to empower prospective homeowners with accurate information about projects they are considering. This proactive step is not only beneficial for homebuyers but also for the overall growth and credibility of the real estate sector in India.


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