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Mannat: A Detailed Tour into Shahrukh Khan's Mansion

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Posted on
Mar 2, 2023

If you are a fan of Bollywood, you must have heard of Shahrukh Khan, the King of Romance, who has charmed millions of people with his acting skills and charisma. But do you know where he lives? Well, he lives in a stunning six-storey mansion called Mannat, located at Bandstand in Mumbai. 

For many, Mannat is not just a house, it is a landmark, a tourist attraction, and a dream to witness with their own eyes.

In this blog, we will take you inside Mannat and show you what makes it so unique.

Mannat: A Mansion Fit for the King of Bollywood

Shahrukh Khan, famously known as the "King of Bollywood," is one of the most influential actors in the Indian film industry today. With a career spanning over three decades, Shahrukh has become a household name in India and has a massive fan following across the globe. 

One of the most iconic landmarks associated with Shahrukh Khan is his luxurious mansion called Mannat, located in the posh neighbourhood of Bandra, Mumbai. If you search for ‘Mannat Shahrukh Khan address’ online, you will easily find that it is: 

Mannat, Land's End, Bandstand, Bandra (West), Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400050

Mannat, which translates to "wish" in Hindi, is a six-story building that stands tall on a sprawling piece of 27,000 sq. ft. of land overlooking the Arabian Sea. The mansion is an architectural marvel that seamlessly blends old-world charm with modern amenities. From the outside, Mannat looks like a grand palace with a white facade and a beautiful garden surrounding it. The mansion has become synonymous with Shahrukh Khan, who bought the property in 2001, and it has become a must-visit destination for his fans.

The History of Mannat

Mannat was built in the 1920s as a heritage villa named Villa Vienna. It was owned by a Parsi family until 2001, when Shahrukh Khan bought it for Rs 13.32 crore after falling in love with it during the shooting of his film Yes Boss (1997). 

He then renamed it Mannat, which means "a vow to the gods". He spent another Rs 20 crore to renovate and expand it with the help of his wife Gauri Khan and architect-designer Kaif Faquih. It took nearly 10 years to complete the makeover of Mannat.

A Walk Inside Shahrukh Khan’s Mannat Mansion

As you enter the gates of Mannat, you are greeted by a massive driveway that leads up to the entrance of the mansion. The entrance is a double-height lobby with intricate chandeliers, marble flooring, and an imposing staircase that leads up to the upper floors. The lobby also houses a life-size statue of Lord Ganesha, a revered Hindu deity, which is considered to be a symbol of good fortune and success.

One of the most striking features of Mannat is the stunning view of the Arabian Sea from the upper floors of the mansion. The house's terrace offers a panoramic view of the sea and is one of the most sought-after spots in the city. The terrace is also the venue for many of Shahrukh Khan's famous parties, which are attended by the who's who of the film industry.

The interiors of Mannat are a reflection of Shahrukh Khan's exquisite taste and love for all things luxurious. The mansion boasts several living areas, including a grand living room, a formal dining room, a family room, and a library. The living spaces are decorated with beautiful works of art, including paintings, sculptures, and antique furniture. The mansion also has a state-of-the-art gymnasium, a private movie theatre, and a games room, which houses a pool table and a foosball table. 

Of course, Mannat has multiple bedrooms, a library, an office, a terrace, and a private auditorium. It also has a stunning swimming pool that overlooks the Arabian Sea. The house is filled with artworks, antiques, souvenirs, and memorabilia from his films and travels. Each floor has a unique and distinctive concept that showcases Gauri Khan's design skills.
One of the most interesting aspects of Mannat is the secret underground parking lot, which is accessible only through a private elevator. The parking lot can accommodate several luxury cars and is a testament to Shahrukh Khan's passion for cars.

Final Words

It is easy to wonder why Shahrukh Khan considers Mannat as his most prized possession and says he would never sell it or leave it for anything in the world.
Despite its grandeur and opulence, Mannat remains a warm and welcoming home to Shahrukh Khan and his family. The mansion is not only a symbol of his success but also a reminder of his humble beginnings. Shahrukh Khan often shares glimpses of his life at Mannat on his social media handles, giving his fans a peek into his world. 

Mannat is not just Shahrukh Khan's home; it is also his fans' destination. Every day, hundreds of people gather outside its gates to catch a glimpse of their favourite star or simply to take pictures with its iconic nameplate, which recently received a diamond-studded makeover. On special occasions like Eid or his birthday, Shahrukh Khan comes out to greet his fans from his balcony or terrace and waves at them with his signature pose. Sometimes, he also invites them inside his house for tea or snacks. Mannat has also been featured in several magazines like Vogue India and Architectural Digest India as well as TV shows like NDTV's Living with A Superstar and Netflix's My Next Guest Needs No Introduction

With David Letterman, where Shahrukh Khan gave exclusive tours into his mansion.

In conclusion, Mannat is not just a mansion but an iconic landmark that has become a part of Shahrukh Khan's legacy. The mansion is a perfect reflection of Shahrukh Khan's personality, which is a beautiful blend of tradition and modernity. If you ever happen to visit Mumbai, do not miss the opportunity to catch a glimpse of Mannat and experience the magic of the King of Bollywood's abode.