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Maximalism: Embracing Bold Colours, Patterns, and Textures in Your Home Decor

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Posted on
Apr 28, 2023

All I want is everything.

If this is your philosophy of life, maximalism may be the decor choice for your home. We have one life, so why not think big, reach for the stars, and make the best of everything? Make your home your canvas and weave a rich tapestry with an assortment of colours, textures and styles.

Maximalism as a lifestyle and decor choice has been in vogue since the Victorian times, but the Millennials have taken it to a whole new level. While many are of the opinion that maximalism is an easy choice, it is, in fact, a difficult road to take. The maximalist design style showcases different elements without letting one overwhelm the others. It is controlled chaos. Here are a few tips for maximalist décor, and learn how you can make maximalism work for your home.

Guide To Maximalist Decor

  • Stand out - Each corner of your home has a story to tell, a feature to highlight. It only stands reason that each element in your home deserves special treatment. This principle can be adopted without the need to add clutter. For example, you may choose to highlight the accent wall in your living room with bold designs and a textured finish or a busy wallpaper, but this does not mean the other walls need to be drab. Another wall could be converted into a large bookshelf, while yet another could be a glass wall with views of the city skyline. All these elements can work together seamlessly to offer a unique blend of beauty.
  • Pick materials you love - Get rid of preconceived notions of what materials work together. Script your own story of home decor. The best place to practice this is your kitchen. An exposed brick wall can come together with reclaimed wood cabinets, granite countertops, steel fixtures and racks, and ceramic tiles. All you need is a little bit of imagination and a lot of creativity to make this work. Tie it all in with earthen wäre, fancy crockery, cutlery, and crystal.
  • Personalised spaces - Your personality is multi-faceted. You love country music, read Shakespeare, and revel in cheesy Bollywood flicks. Personalise your home to reflect all this and more. From putting up framed Bollywood posters in your dining space to adding quote decals to your study, from displaying your collection of ceramic dolls to putting up your sports trophies on shelves, your home can showcase as many of your interests as you want.
  • Tell your story - One of the easiest ways to embrace maximalism is by letting pictures tell the story of your life. Use bedroom walls, mantle or dressers in the living space, the refrigerator, and bedside stands to add photos of your high school graduation, your favourite vacation, parents, friends, and wonderful times. Frame each picture with a different material, in a different size, and mix them all up. Your home is the one place you should forget to conform. Let your free spirit come out and play.
  • Elevate maximalism – Maximalism is not just about things but about collecting objects. It can be expressed in different ways. For example, someone who loves greens and plants can make a beautiful home by filling it up with flowers, plants, and green décor. Maximalism allows us to move from traditional concepts of art and add a lot of elements that conform only to our personal notions of joy and beauty.

Tips for maintaining your maximalist home

  • Organisation is key – Organisation is the difference between chaos and cohesion. Planning ahead, visualising each room, each space, each empty slot and organising the décor items in a visually attractive way is the key to getting the best of maximalism. You may also want to experiment with different placements or arrangements before you settle on the one you like.
  • Maximalism is not clutter – One of the greatest challenges faced by homeowners who embrace maximalism is keeping the home clutter-free. Collecting books, travel curios, plants, personal photos etc., can be exhilarating but keeping them dust and dander free is challenging. Maximalism calls for active, involved management of the spaces.
  • Embrace your creativity – Maximalist interior design is an invitation to embrace your creativity and imagination. It is picking your ideas over definitions and guidelines. It is making a medley tell a story, stringing together various décor elements into a coherent art form. Use your own personal experiences to bring more to your home space. 
  • Maximalism Vs Minimalism – Maximalism is often pitted against minimalism, but the two styles of interior décor are not opposites. They both work on the philosophy of doing up your home with objects, styles, and designs that bring you joy – only in very different ways.


Therefore, if you’re planning to go the maximalism route, make sure to have the right mix of creativity and free will.