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Money Plant in Bathroom: Myth or Miracle? Exploring the Beliefs and Benefits

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Posted on
Aug 14, 2023

The positioning of plants has emerged as a fascinating conversation topic in the always-changing world of interior design and home décor. One such discussion is focused on whether can we keep a money plant in the bathroom. Is it a genuine miracle or just a myth? Before delving into the topic, the location, population, and amenities of the community where it occurs must be understood, as must the beliefs and potential advantages related to this particular setting.

Facts on Money Plant: 

Beliefs and Symbolism:

In many cultures, the money plant, also called Epipremnum aureum in science, is said to bring luck, wealth, and positive energy.

The custom of keeping a money plant in the bathroom comes from the idea that the energy of the plant, along with the water element of the room, can promote financial expansion.

The bathroom is an intriguing choice for the location of a money plant because, according to Feng Shui principles, it is an area for cleansing and regeneration, and certain cultures equate water with riches.

Growth and Humidity:

Money plants require high humidity levels to survive. Hence toilets, with their naturally humid environment, are ideal locations for their development.

The humidity in the bathroom helps the money plant's rich green foliage and promotes air-layering, which allows stems to form roots while still linked to the plant.

This humidity component supports the notion that a money plant in the bathroom may be both a useful and attractive addition.

Skills for Purifying the Air:

Money plants are well renowned for their ability to filter out airborne contaminants like formaldehyde, benzene, and xylene.

A money plant in the bathroom may help to enhance the quality of the air inside the building, making the environment healthier for occupants.

Cosmetic Improvement:

It has been demonstrated that adding greenery to indoor spaces has a good impact on mental health by fostering calm and a sense of connection to nature.

A money plant can improve the bathroom's appearance, making it more pleasant to the eye and fostering a relaxing mood.

Scientific Research:

Traditional beliefs are important, but there is little empirical data on the precise financial effects of keeping a money plant in the toilet.

Nevertheless, evidence points to the general advantages of indoor plants for air purification, psychological well-being, and aesthetics, which indirectly support a more uplifting living environment.

Benefits and Beliefs:

Myth and Symbolism: Traditional beliefs and symbolism are the foundation of the custom of keeping a money plant in the bathroom. The money plant is viewed as a symbol of prosperity, expansion, and good energy in several cultures. People try to harness these forces for financial prosperity by placing them in an area connected to water, which represents riches and abundance in feng shui and other belief systems.

Bathroom humidity levels are usually greater due to showering and other bathing activities. Epipremnum aureum, or the money plant, prefers moist surroundings. Their lush green foliage can provide a calming and natural appeal by offering a refreshing contrast to the bathroom's surroundings.

Money plants are well renowned for their air-purifying abilities, which may help to enhance the air quality in small places like restrooms. They improve the quality of the interior environment by absorbing pollutants and releasing oxygen.

Enhancement in Aesthetics: Studies have shown that adding plants indoors can increase relaxation and mood. A money plant can add to the bathroom's decor and turn it into a tranquil haven for relaxation.

Personal Beliefs: Whether or not one accepts the symbolic meaning associated with plants, taking care of a plant can be therapeutic. A sense of duty and a connection to nature are fostered by taking care of a living thing.


A discussion on whether can we keep money plant in the bathroom is sparked by the intriguing fusion of cultural beliefs and prospective benefits. This innovative idea thrives in a neighbourhood that embraces diversity and provides a variety of amenities for its residents. The question is whether the bathroom, a chamber connected to purification and renewal, can also represent success and expansion.

A confluence of beliefs and advantages comes to the fore when we consider if we can keep money plants in the bathroom. According to traditional iconography from numerous civilisations, the money plant represents good fortune and energy. Its placement beside a body of water fits with the riches symbolism since many religions associate water with abundance. The bathroom's high humidity levels also create the perfect climate for the money plant to flourish. As it grows, it improves the air quality while enhancing the aesthetic appeal, changing the bathroom into a calming area that balances conventional design and contemporary wellness ideas.

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