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Navratri Decor: Bringing Joy and Colour into Your Home

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Posted on
Sep 8, 2023

Navratri, a vibrant and festive celebration that spans nine nights, is a time of immense joy and spiritual significance for millions of people around the world. During this auspicious period, homes are adorned with exquisite Navratri decorations to welcome the goddess Durga and embrace the spirit of the festival.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore creative Navratri decoration ideas to help you infuse your home with colour, joy, and the essence of this beautiful festival.

The Significance of Navratri

Before diving into the world of Navratri decor, it's essential to understand the significance of this festival. Navratri, which means nine nights in Sanskrit, is dedicated to the goddess Durga and is celebrated with immense devotion and fervour. It marks the victory of good over evil and symbolises the triumph of light over darkness.

During these nine nights, different forms of the goddess are worshipped, each representing different facets of divine energy. The festival involves fasting, dancing (Garba and Dandiya), singing devotional songs, and decorating homes with colourful and elaborate decorations.

Navratri Decoration Ideas: Bringing the Festival Home

  1. Vibrant Garlands and Torans: Begin your Navratri decor by adorning your doorways and windows with vibrant marigold garlands and torans (door hangings). Marigold flowers, in their bright hues of orange and yellow, symbolise purity and devotion and are widely used during the festival.
  2. Rangoli: Create intricate rangolis at your doorstep using coloured powders, rice flour, or flower petals. Rangolis are not only visually stunning but also symbolise the welcoming of guests and positive energies into your home.
  3. Diyas and Candles: Light up your home with the warm glow of diyas and candles. You can place them on windowsills, balconies, and in the puja room to create a serene and sacred atmosphere.
  4. Colourful Drapery: Dress up your home with vibrant and decorative fabrics. Consider using colourful dupattas or scarves as table runners, or drape them artistically over furniture to infuse your space with festive colours.
  5. Garba Sticks and Dandiya: Incorporate the essence of dance into your decor by displaying beautifully painted Garba sticks and Dandiya sticks in a decorative vase or basket. These sticks not only add to the decor but also serve as a reminder of the joyful dance forms performed during Navratri.
  6. Mandap and Deity Setup: Create a special mandap (altar) for the goddess Durga. Decorate it with flowers, bells, and a sacred idol or image of the goddess. Ensure that the mandap is well-lit to enhance its spiritual ambience.
  7. Pottery and Earthenware: Decorate your home with traditional pottery and earthenware. Clay pots painted in vibrant colours can be used as planters, and terracotta lamps can be placed around the house to enhance the rustic charm of your Navratri decor.
  8. Wall Art and Hangings: Adorn your walls with Navratri-themed wall art, posters, and hangings. These can feature images of the goddess Durga, traditional motifs, or even your own artwork inspired by the festival.
  9. Cushions and Pillows: Change the look of your seating areas by adding colourful cushions and pillows with intricate embroidery or mirror work. These textiles can bring a festive touch to your living room.
  10. Fruit and Floral Decor: Arrange bowls of fresh fruits and flowers around your home. These natural elements not only add colour and freshness but also symbolise abundance and purity.
  11. Traditional Artefacts: Incorporate traditional Indian artefacts such as brass lamps, idols, and figurines into your decor. These pieces not only enhance the aesthetics but also convey the rich cultural heritage associated with Navratri.
  12. Curtains and Drapes: Consider using curtains and drapes in rich colours like red, green, and yellow to create a lively and festive atmosphere. These can be hung in doorways and windows to add drama and style.
  13. Bells and Wind Chimes: Hang bells and wind chimes near windows and entrances. The gentle sound of tinkling bells can create a soothing and spiritual ambience in your home.

Themes for Navratri Decor

To add an extra layer of creativity to your Navratri decor, consider choosing a specific theme for each day of the festival. Each theme can correspond to the colour associated with that particular day of Navratri. Here's a brief overview of the nine colours and their corresponding themes:

  1. Day 1 - Yellow: Represents purity and the colour of the Shailputri form of the goddess. Decorate with yellow marigold flowers and garlands.
  2. Day 2 - Green: Symbolises new beginnings and growth. Use green drapery and fresh green leaves or ferns as part of your decor.
  3. Day 3 - Grey: Represents strength and transformation. Incorporate grey accents into your decor through pottery or decorative items.
  4. Day 4 - Orange: Signifies the energy of the goddess. Add orange candles or cushions to infuse vitality into your decor.
  5. Day 5 - White: Symbolises peace and purity. White flowers, curtains, and tablecloths can enhance the serenity of your decor.
  6. Day 6 - Red: Represents passion and love. Incorporate red elements such as cushions, candles, and flower arrangements.
  7. Day 7 - Royal Blue: Signifies knowledge and introspection. Decorate with deep blue drapery or art pieces.
  8. Day 8 - Pink: Represents hope and positivity. Use pink flowers and cushions to create a joyful and uplifting ambience.
  9. Day 9 - Purple: Symbolises creativity and divine power. Add purple accents through artwork or decorative pieces.


Navratri is a time of immense joy, devotion, and celebration. By incorporating these creative Navratri decoration ideas into your home, you can infuse your living spaces with the vibrant colours and spiritual essence of this beautiful festival. Whether you choose to follow specific themes or create your unique decor, remember that Navratri is a time to embrace the spirit of togetherness, positivity, and renewal in the company of family and friends. May your home radiate the energy and blessings of the goddess Durga during these nine auspicious nights.

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