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Organising 101: A Guide to Creating the Perfect Home

Blox Social
Posted on
Jan 25, 2023

Defined as the process of identifying and grouping the work to be performed, organising is a life skill that helps save time while also serving as a therapeutic tool for many. Social media clips on restocking, cleaning, and organising fetch millions of views, with the demographic audience usually being the Millennials and Gen Z, who, unlike many previous generations, are inclined towards living independently and learning to fall by themselves. Over the last decade, there has been a noticeable increase in demand for housing types such as studios, 1BHKs, and RMs, with the catering audience being bachelors and single working professionals. 

Thus living by yourself comes with specific responsibilities, which the young blood is willing to take, including paying your bills, cooking your food, cleaning/organising, and looking to build the perfect home. Though there is no set formula to make the ideal home, sticking to mere basics can also be enough, one such being organising.

Let's list the benefits of having an organised home

  • Cleaning up and systematically putting things has therapeutic benefits
  • Organising helps you save time in the long run
  • Organising could also help you save money, knowing your exact needs and preferences, especially concerning availability
  • Removing unwanted stuff could serve as a charity for those in need
  • Organising your home could serve as a stimulus for creativity
  • Helping you improve your relationships, whether a couple or siblings
  • Going to bed knowing you are ready for the next serves you sound sleep
  • In the case of parents, organising is an essential tool for your kids to develop
  • Activities like organising and cleaning help promote hygiene

By now, it's clear that organising serves as one of the most critical pillars in building the perfect home. A well-running oiled machine helps save time, money, and other resources. Speaking of organising, one could use the 3Rs for a clean and safe environment: reduce, reuse, and recycle. 

Here is a guide to organising the perfect home 

1. Begin with the conventional route of decluttering

Make things cleaner and tidier, arrange your wardrobe, put the books in order, and fashionably align the cushions. A cluttered setup is one of the most non-appealing visual sights, impacting the mood and emotions of an individual.

2. Arrange your kitchen 

The kitchen in your house performs a variety of tasks, which include cooking, cleaning, and stocking, making it one of the busiest sections of the house. Thus organising the cookhouse requires a proper action plan. 

  • Avoid stocking, especially raw materials.
  • Segregate food waste.
  • Use zip bags, plastic wraps, and tin foil to increase the shelf life of food and avoid wastage.
  • Get rid of redundant and outdated appliances.
  • Use a uniform set for your utensils and cutlery.

3. Categorising your belongings

Many of us get flustered when we can’t see our matching socks or handkerchiefs. One could simply label drawers or boxes to make things easier. Organise your accessories, hair care products, and skin care in different compartments.

4. Develop the habit of putting things back in their order

Forgetting to keep things back in order is human. However, we should train our minds to develop the above habit, avoiding any kind of worry or wastage. Undoubtedly, the human mind is distracted but is also one of the most active parts of the body.

5. Get rid of unwanted documents and paper

The first step here is classifying documents based on their importance and removing old bills, letters, circulars, etc. Though the traditional way of doing this is by shredding, one can also employ other environmentally friendly methods such as gift wrapping, wall art, beads for jewellery, printing, and composting.

The perfect home need not be the most expensive, as simplicity is the new perfection. 

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