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Planning to Buy a New Flat in Mumbai? Here Are the Things You Need to Be on the Lookout For

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Posted on
Jul 9, 2023

Buying a flat is one of the most momentous occasions, especially if you are purchasing property in Mumbai. The city is one of India’s best and most expensive real estate markets. However, before investing your money on a new flat, it is necessary to thoroughly check the background of the developer, carefully select the location and prepare a realistic budget.

Let us explore some things that you need to know before you buy a flat in Mumbai.


Location is one of the most important things to consider and should be taken seriously. Make sure the flat is centrally located and close to social amenities like educational institutes, shopping complexes, employment hubs, hospitals, entertainment zones, restaurants and other amenities. Ensure that the flat is situated in a safe locality, is free from dust and pollution, and well-connected to other parts of Mumbai by a superior network of roads and public transport. Besides offering high living standards, the location also plays a pivotal role in increasing the apartment’s resale value.


A careful scrutiny of the approvals and legal documents is a necessary process when you buy a flat in Mumbai. Check whether the project has been approved by the authorities and all legal documents are in order. Ask for the title deed and see if it contains the sellers’ name. Some other legal documents you need to be aware of include the building plan, mutation certificate and no objection certificate among others. A thorough knowledge of the documents will ensure you do not become a victim of fraud. In addition, you can hire the services of a lawyer who will guide you through the home buying process. 

Builder’s background

Numerous developers operate in Mumbai. And it can become challenging to choose a reliable and capable developer. That is why doing your homework well by checking the developer’s background is so crucial. Reputed developers have their own website. Scan through the site to know more about the various projects built by the company and the people running the firm. Many sites also have a review and testimonial section, which can inform you about the quality of projects and whether the builder has been able to deliver the projects on time.


Builders provide many amenities in their projects that offer convenience and elevate the homeowners’ standards of living. Some useful amenities you need to be on the lookout for include parking areas, security systems, high-speed lifts, power backup, recreational areas, and rainwater harvesting, to name a few. Swimming pools, gyms, spas, clubhouses, sports facilities and mini theatres are some amenities found mainly in high-end apartments. So consider the amenities being provided by the developer and see whether they will help make your life more comfortable. 

Flats per floor

Privacy and living in peaceful environments are among the top most priority of every homebuyer. Besides considering the location and the neighbourhood, it is also imperative to find out how many flats are situated in a floor. A floor comprising too many flats will lead to privacy issues since they will be sharing a common wall and it is possible that your neighbour may hear your conversations. Furthermore, there can be problems in accessing common facilities like lifts etc. Look for buildings or complexes where each floor has two apartments and are not located in proximity to each other.


Before you begin your search for a home, it is necessary to determine a realistic budget. Consider your financial condition, your salary, monthly expenses, children’s education expenses and EMIs, if any. Once you have determined your budget, look for properties within that range. You can easily get a home loan; however, banks and financial institutions usually give a loan of around 80 to 90 percent of the property’s value. A realistic budget will help you buy a flat in Mumbai that suits your needs. 


Buying a new home in Mumbai is not as challenging as it seems, especially if all the factors are considered wisely. A well-located home with the modern amenities and approvals in place will make your life enjoyable and also get you handsome returns, if you plan to sell the property in the future. You can start your search with Blox. On the site you will find numerous exclusive properties. Here you will also find other details like location, price range and enmities to name a few. Besides being well aware, it will help to take the services of a reliable partner in your search for a new home in Mumbai. 

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