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Science Behind Feng Shui Recommended Sleeping Head Direction

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Posted on
Jun 13, 2023

When you plan your living space, especially your bedroom, do you ever consider the direction in which you sleep? Specifically, do you consider the direction of your head during sleep? While this may seem like a trivial point when it comes to interior planning, Feng shui recommends a sleeping head direction that is the most fruitful for you. 

Yes, Feng shui sleeping head direction is indeed a thing. Like many minute aspects of ancient Chinese practice, this one also contributes to improving the energy and placement in your everyday life, including space, in order to achieve balance. In Feng shui, the aspect of the best direction to sleep is determined according to your personal trigram or ming gua. This is based on your birth year and gender, and it determines whether you belong to the east group or the west group. Each group has four favourable directions and four unfavourable directions for sleeping. 

Let us try to understand them deeper along with the science behind these recommendations. 

The Best Feng Shui Sleeping Head Direction

The east group people do well with their Feng shui sleeping head direction (laying down) to east, southeast, north or south. The west group people do well sleeping head to west, northwest, southwest or northeast. All in all, sleeping in your favourable directions can enhance your health, wealth, career and relationships as per Feng shui. On the other hand, sleeping in your unfavourable directions can cause stress, illness, bad luck and conflicts. 

But what is the general rule of sleeping in a direction as per Feng shui? Well, stick your head in the south. So, what is the science behind this Feng shui sleeping head direction recommendation?

The theory behind this is that sleeping in alignment with the Earth's magnetic field can improve your energy flow or chi. Your head is considered to have a north polarity, and it needs to face a south polarity to attract opposite forces and create harmony. If you sleep facing the south, you will therefore be in alignment with the Earth’s energy, thus experiencing a greater sense of serenity, well-being, improved circulation, and reduced stress levels. Sleeping in the opposite direction can create disharmony and imbalance in your life. 

However, Feng shui also considers other factors besides the sleeping direction, such as the position of your bed, the layout of your bedroom, the presence of windows and doors, and the quality of your mattress and bedding. These elements can also affect your chi and your sleep quality. Therefore, it is important to look at the whole picture and not just focus on one aspect of Feng shui.

Feng Shui Sleeping Head Direction: Tips

Apart from the Feng shui sleeping head direction recommendation, how can you generally improve your sleeping as per the ancient Chinese practice? Here are some general Feng shui tips for sleeping:

  • Consider your personal Feng shui chart. Your chart can help you to determine which directions are most beneficial for you.
  • Pay attention to your intuition. If you have a strong feeling that a particular direction is right for you, then go with your gut.
  • Experiment with different directions. Try sleeping with your head pointed in different directions for a few nights each to see which one you prefer.
  • Place your bed away from windows and doors to avoid drafts and noise.
  • Have a solid headboard to support your head and neck.
  • Avoid placing mirrors or electronic devices opposite or above your bed, as they can reflect or emit negative energy.
  • Choose soothing colours and soft fabrics for your bedroom decor.
  • Keep your bedroom clean, clutter-free and well-ventilated.


With this, we conclude everything you need to know about the recommended Feng shui sleeping head direction that is perfect for you and your living space. It must be noted that it does not take a lot of effort to bring this into practice. All you need to do is reorient your sleeping position or, at most, reorient your bed so as to be in alignment with the recommended direction. 

Ultimately, sleeping is all about comfort, rest, and revitalisation. So, it is important to follow a rigid set of rules, but be flexible enough to get the best of both worlds: Feng-shui directive as well as what’s comfortably possible for you to do. Remember, Feng shui is only a guide that can help you create a more harmonious and comfortable sleeping environment. By following the principles of Feng shui, you may be able to improve your sleep quality and your overall well-being.

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