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Significance of Nurturing Bamboo Plant at Home

Blox Social
Posted on
Oct 23, 2023

Bamboo plants are one of the fastest-growing and best plants for your home. The plant is considered synonymous with prosperity and growth while also ushering positive vibes into any space. Bamboo plants may be planted in the garden or any outdoor space and even grown in containers. Some varieties like lucky bamboo and others can also grow in water. Putting the plant in specific zones of the home is considered highly auspicious as per both Feng Shui and Vastu principles. Here’s taking a closer look at some of the biggest bamboo plant benefits in homes. 

How Does a Bamboo Plant Benefit Your Home? 

Bamboo plants have an undeniable charm and appeal of their own. They also make for excellent gifts for housewarming ceremonies and office parties. They come with unmatched advantages for every home and are easy to grow and maintain. On that note, here are some of the major bamboo plant benefits in homes: 

  • Bamboo plants should be positioned in the southeast or eastern direction of the home. 
  • They should be kept in bright and indirect light and in comparatively moist soil with good drainage. 
  • Bamboo plants, with their lush green appearance, infuse more positivity into any home. They attract more positive energy and luck along with ushering prosperity and wealth into any space. 
  • Bamboo plants also enhance the visual appeal of your home. Be it outdoors or indoors, they look really attractive when placed in the right manner. You can have lucky bamboo plants of varying heights for a striking appearance or even opt for arranging various kinds of bamboo plants together. 
  • Bamboo plants are also known to be indoor air purifiers. They can readily absorb carbon dioxide while generating oxygen simultaneously. This helps you breathe pure air which is free of benzene and other kinds of toxins. 
  • These plants are resistant to droughts and are easy to grow in potting soil or water containers. You do not have to bother about watering them excessively or minimally. 
  • These plants are also regarded as excellent balancing elements. They are representative of wood among the five ancient elements of earth, wood, wind, fire, and water. Hence, when you tie these plants with a red ribbon and grow them in water with some pebbles and coins, it may balance all the elements perfectly at home. This is another one of the major advantages of placing these plants in strategic places at home. 
  • Bamboo plants draw good fortune as per Vastu principles. They are ideal in work corners as well. They can also usher in greater happiness and wellbeing at home, while lowering risks of ailments in turn. For achieving the latter objective, you can arrange five bamboo or seven stalks in a container. 

Some More Things to Know About Bamboo Plants at Home 

These are some of the bamboo plant benefits in homes. You should however place the plant in a suitable direction in order to reap its benefits as per Vastu and Feng Shui principles. You should avoid putting the plant in direct sunlight since it may only lead to the burning of the leaves. Keeping the plant in a darker corner will only make the leaves yellowish, which is also avoidable. Put the plant in the eastern part of the house which indicates the family’s energy. Putting it closer to the entrance will draw more positive energy. 

Putting the bamboo plant in the south-eastern direction also augurs well for your finances. Putting it in the north-eastern area is ideal if you are using it for your office or study. This will activate your thinking prowess while helping you declutter and focus better on work. It can also help you progress well in academics with an innovative approach towards study and research. There are various kinds of bamboo plants that are available these days, including lucky bamboo plants. These come in two and three layer varieties. The former is believed to represent love and may enhance your luck throughout all aspects of life. The latter symbolises three types of luck, namely a long life, happiness, and love. It is one of the most popular choices for modern homes. Here’s to enjoying health, wealth, and prosperity at home with suitable bamboo plants for company.