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Smart Homebuyer's Checklist: Essential Documents to Verify When Purchasing a Flat in Mumbai

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Posted on
Oct 24, 2023

Purchasing a flat in Mumbai is an occasion. It can also be quite intricate and intimidating. To ensure a secure real estate transaction it's crucial to review the necessary documentation. This article acts as a checklist, for homebuyers outlining the essential documents that must be verified before making the decision to buy a flat in Mumbai. From papers to property records we will discuss the documents to check before buying a flat in mumbai.

Here is a checklist of the documents to check before buying a flat in mumbai;

1. Title Deed

The title deed holds importance when buying a flat as it validates ownership and provides information about the property. When reviewing the title deed consider these details;

  • Sellers Name; Ensure that the seller's name matches with what's mentioned on the title deed.
  • Property Description; Compare the description mentioned on the title deed with the actual flat you are interested in purchasing.
  • Encumbrance Certificate; This document indicates whether there are any pending dues or liabilities associated with the property.

2. Sale Agreement

The sale agreement outlines all terms and conditions related to selling of the property. Make sure to review it to fully grasp the responsibilities of both the buyer and the seller. Take note of the following;

  1. Price and Payment Schedule; check that the agreed upon price and payment schedule are correct.
  2. Delivery Date; Verify the date of possession and any potential consequences, for delays.
  3. Penalty Clause; Look out for any clauses that pertain to penalties, for non compliance from either party.

3. Certificate of Occupancy

The other documents to check before buying a flat in Mumbai is a certificate of occupancy which is issued by the authority to confirm that the building meets the approved plans and is safe for people to live in. It's crucial to ensure that the apartment you're considering has a certificate of occupancy as it would be unlawful to reside in a property without one, in Mumbai.

4. Approved Building Plan

Another important document to check before buying a flat in Mumbai is the approved building plan, which ensures that the construction of the building complies with regulations set by the authority. Make sure to check if the apartment you're interested in aligns with this approved plan.

5. No Objection Certificates (NOCs)

In the Mumbai real estate landscape various authorities regulate property development. Obtaining NOCs from these bodies is crucial. Some common NOCs that you should verify include;

  • Clearance; This ensures that the project adheres to regulations.
  • Fire Department NOC; This confirms that the building meets fire safety standards.
  • Water and Sewage NOC; This validates availability of utilities.

6. Encumbrance Certificate

The other documents to check before buying a flat in Mumbai is an encumbrance certificate that provides a record of transactions related to the property ensuring there are no pending dues, mortgages or claims, on it. It's important to obtain this certificate covering 15 years of history.

7. Property tax Receipt

Make sure that the seller has settled all the property tax payments for the flat. Unpaid property taxes can pose a burden for the owner.

8. Completion Certificate

The last document to check before buying a flat in Mumbai is a completion certificate which is issued by the authority to confirm that the building has been constructed in accordance with the approved plan. It is important to verify if the builder has obtained this certificate.

How can you verify the documents?

Once you have gathered all the documents it is essential to verify them. There are ways to do this including;

  • Comparing the documents; You need to compare all the documents to ensure consistency. For instance compare the name of the seller on both title deed and sale agreement.
  • Checking signatures; Verify if all signatures on these documents are genuine.
  • Seeking assistance, for document verification; If you have any doubts or uncertainties it is advisable to consult with a lawyer specialising in real estate matters.


Purchasing a flat in Mumbai involves a process; however by having documentation you can protect your investment effectively. Make sure to go through each document before buying a flat in Mumbai. You'll be well, on your path, to a law abiding real estate transaction. It's important to keep in mind that seeking counsel is always a decision when undertaking such a substantial investment. This will ensure that you have an understanding of the consequences and obligations linked to your new flat in Mumbai.

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