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Smart Lighting Ideas to Transform Your Room

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Posted on
Dec 29, 2022

Have you ever wondered why certain homes and rooms feel so radiant and warm? A lot of it has to do with the lighting arrangement. Thanks to modern technology, room lighting has evolved considerably over the past few years, from lamps and lights to ambient lighting. But it is the realm of smart lighting systems that takes the cake. 

It is not surprising to see new home buyers often look for properties that come pre-fitted with smart lighting systems. After all, they are the hallmark of a truly modern, tech-savvy home. Smart lighting makes it convenient to operate your lights from just your smartphone and gives home buyers great freedom to set the hue, mood, brightness, and routines. 

Every room in a house requires a specific kind of lighting at certain times of the day. What better than smart lighting to automate it all? Add to that their longevity and sustainable power consumption, and you have a winner for your room!

Here are four best ideas to transform your space if you are a new home buyer looking to amp up your room’s vibe with smart lighting.

1. Install colour-changing smart bulbs

Have you ever wished that your bedroom had a different coloured light? Or if you could dim or brighten the lighting to better suit your mood or requirement? Well, switching your room’s regular bulbs with smart bulbs is one way to go about it. Easily controlled by an app, colour-changing smart bulbs give you the freedom to set your room’s light to any hue you want. If you wish to create a soft lit-up ambience for nighttime or bright, neon-like lighting for a house party, your smart bulb will enable you to control the colour and brightness as you like. Many smart bulbs also come with pre-sets for various moods, including dynamic ones that change colour and vibe in a cycle. 

2. Give your room décor an ethereal glow

If you want to jazz up your wall décor without changing the paintings, wall hangings, or portraits, then it’s best to install smart lighting. You can go for smart LED strips that add a halo-like effect to your wall décor, instantly turning your room into a sophisticated, artsy space. You can try doing it with your headboard as well!

3. Install guiding night lights along the wall, corridor and lobby

Tired of finding the light switch in the dark or stubbing your toe while finding your way to the bathroom or kitchen at night? Say goodbye to your hassles with a smart lighting system of motion-sensing guiding lights or ambient LED strips. Install them along your bed, wall-floor lining and the hallways and never worry about stumbling in the dark. 

4. Brighten up your wardrobe, cupboards and bookshelves with automatic lights

If your wardrobe is located in a dim corner of your room, you might struggle while checking your outfits out. Let automatic lights come to your rescue! These motion-sensing lights switch on as soon as you open the door of your wardrobe, cupboard or cabinet bookshelves, letting you find your way inside easily. You can also install them in your drawers or other dark, tight spaces for greater convenience!

Installing a smart lighting system not just in one room but the entire house is a sure-shot way to increase its appeal and value. If done right, smart bulbs and ambient lights can transform your room’s ambience and mood. They also create the perfect backdrop for every occasion – whether you are hosting a dinner or want to get into work mode. New home buyers, therefore, must always keep an eye out for properties with in-built smart lighting features

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