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Standalone Buildings vs. Gated Societies: Know Differences

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Posted on
Oct 24, 2023

The standalone buildings vs. gated societies debate has been ongoing for a long time now. Which one should you invest in? Here’s looking at the pros and cons of both project types in this article. 

What is a Standalone Building? 

A standalone building is a building or complex that is free-standing and built from a single family occupancy-oriented perspective. The buildings usually come without common amenities like swimming pools, gymnasiums and security guards. Their prices are also comparatively lower than gated communities. These buildings are mainly seen in core city locations which are near major workplaces, transportation hubs and other social infrastructure. The reason is that they require less space for development and this is why they are mostly seen in city areas which have lower land availability. 

What is a Gated Society? 

A gated society or community is a type of residential housing created for accommodating multiple people within an enclosed or secured project. The amenities are provided by the developers in these cases. They are usually located in peripheral areas or on the outskirts of major cities since they require massive space for their development. They are able to offer more open spaces and common facilities to residents as a result. 

Standalone Buildings vs. Gated Societies- Examining their Benefits 

Here are some of the advantages of standalone buildings: 

  • More affordable apartments since there are not as many amenities as gated societies. 
  • Mostly near prime or central locations, including the city centre. This may enable easier and smoother daily commutes for most people. 
  • More preferred by bachelors or couples due to higher privacy. 
  • Maintenance and other charges may be lower. 

Here are some of the advantages of gated societies: 

  • CCTV cameras, trained security personnel and other safety features are a big plus point. 
  • These projects usually have treated water supply and power backup facilities along with better infrastructure.
  • These projects may have more open spaces and superior amenities provided by developers. 
  • They may offer better construction quality and are usually preferred by families. 

Standalone Buildings vs. Gated Societies- What are Their Disadvantages

Here are some of the disadvantages of standalone buildings: 

  • They may not offer as many amenities as gated societies. 
  • Residents may have to arrange for power backup, water treatment and other facilities on their own. 
  • They do not offer upgraded security and safety features like gated societies. 
  • These buildings may not have common areas and come with more maintenance responsibilities as far as the owner are concerned. They also have lower parking space. 

Here are some of the disadvantages of gated communities: 

  • Gated communities/societies usually have apartments that are priced considerably higher than standalone buildings. This increases the total cost of acquisition for the customer. 
  • Maintenance and society charges are also higher for residents. 
  • Gated societies are large and usually located away from the main city locations or core areas. Although they offer almost everything within the premises, most people have to commute longer distances to their workplaces. 

Which One Should You Choose? 

When it comes to making a final choice, your decision should be based on your unique needs and lifestyle preferences. Standalone buildings may give you more affordability which could be a priority at this juncture in your life. They may also offer higher privacy and lower maintenance charges in the long run. However, the direct responsibility involved in maintenance and the lack of suitable parking space, common areas, amenities and advanced security features should also be taken into consideration. Yet, if you wish to live in a locality nearer to your workplace and core city areas, then these may be better options. 

Gated societies are ideal for those who prefer family-friendly environments with the best security and safety features, top-notch amenities, more open spaces and less involvement in maintenance hassles. Of course, you will have to make do with the higher property prices and maintenance charges for the long haul. Also, you should be okay with staying away from the city in a peripheral location due to the sheer sizes of these gated community projects. 

These are factors that are worth noting before you take a stand on the standalone buildings vs. gated societies debate.

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