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Sunil Shetty House in Khandala: Step Inside Bollywood Veteran's Luxury Property

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Posted on
Jul 6, 2023

When KL Rahul, the star Indian cricketer, married Athiya Shetty, pictures broke of their nuptials amidst the sylvan surroundings of her father Sunil Shetty’s luxurious vacation home in Khandala. This Sunil Shetty house is a masterpiece, nestled on a hilltop and only a couple hours by car from Mumbai. The sprawling farmhouse offers the Bollywood veteran and his family much-needed privacy and peaceful living amidst Nature’s wonders. Here’s learning a little more about the same. 

A Peek into the Action Hero’s Khandala Home 

This Sunil Shetty house is innovatively designed in a manner where each room or space leads to a dedicated outdoor zone, giving it an island-esque vibe. Here are some key aspects of the property that you should know more about: 

  • The home sports an innovative architectural layout with plush interiors and plenty of skylights. 
  • The living area offers immense natural light and fresh air while there are majestic ceiling lights to enhance the ambience. 
  • The dining zone has the swimming pool right next to it, while the living room showcases the actor’s intriguing collection of masks. 
  • The living room floor is crafted with wood-coloured marble, while there are stairs leading to the first floor on two sides. 
  • A charming boulder adjacent to the stairs enables greater communion with Nature. At the same time, the living room also has a stylish coffee table and wooden furniture pieces in addition to potted plants. 
  • The action hero has built a special den in his Khandala farmhouse, with posters of his movies and photographs of his family. There is a unique coffee table that looks like a truck in motion here and sofas in charcoal hues. 
  • The cliff-top garden offers stunning views of the hills and countryside. 
  • The farmhouse even has its own pristine water canal and bridge, along with a premier wooden entry point. There is a mini waterfall in this space too, formed by the water that flows out from the canal. 
  • There is a nook in the home that also has a fountain with a statue. 
  • The premises have various sculptures, including a massive figurine of Lord Shiva beside the stairway and a Buddha sculpture in a sitting position. The swimming pool is surrounded by green foliage, which gives it a Zen-like ambience. 
  • A massive hardwood dining table has a geometric pattern and occupies the central position in the eating zone. The actor calls it every Mangalorean’s favourite space, and it also offers a lovely view of the garden. 
  • The sitting area comes with a special ceiling that can be opened for a grand open-sky effect. 
  • The walls also have carvings and embellishments in several places. 

The story behind Sunil Shetty’s farmhouse in Khandala

This Sunil Shetty house has a lovely story behind its creation. The actor and his wife, Mana Shetty, have previously spoken about their decision to build this home around 17-18 years earlier. During Holi one year, the Bollywood star and his son Ahan visited the place and took a walk over the then-barren terrain with several rocks and cacti. Ahan, who was little then, took his father’s finger and asked Isn’t this place beautiful? That was the trigger for building this lavish property in Khandala as far as the actor was concerned! 

The home has a personal feeling to it with several photographs of the star couple, their son and daughter Athiya Shetty who is also an actor. The rugged movie star has also stated how they feel settled here, while mentioning the high ceiling as something that he wished and liked and always wanted. He has also stated that there are earthy textures throughout the property, including rust, greens, browns and also several plants and trees. He also mentioned his obsession with wood and Nature, along with plants.

The fit and dapper star has also confirmed that the home uses several natural and organic elements including slipper wood. He calls the view from his home as the climax or the crowning element of the same. The home is reportedly named Jahaan

The Bollywood Icon’s Real Estate Investments

Along with the lavish home in Khandala, he also owns many other properties in his portfolio. The actor lives with his family in the premium Prithvi Apartments on the exclusive Altamount Road in Mumbai. The home is valued at multiple crores, as is his farmhouse in Khandala. Sunil Shetty also has his own real estate company which is involved in the development of several projects in various locations.

Signing Off

The wonderfully-designed holiday home in Khandala is a testament to the power of dreams and the will to achieve them. It not only integrates itself neatly with the environment but also offers a soothing and relaxing space for its occupants to unwind. It is undoubtedly one of the finest vacation homes owned by Bollywood superstars in the country.