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The Benefits of Buying Ready to Move in Properties

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Posted on
Jan 12, 2023

According to predictions, the Indian real estate market will touch ₹13 lakh crores despite prices set to increase by an estimated 7.5% countrywide. Housing sales have experienced a 51% jump post the pandemic, with the premium and luxury sector expecting sizeable growth too. There are multiple reasons for the development, some of which are the following.

  • The work-from-home/hybrid culture has increased the demand for bigger homes
  • Rise in disposable income of the middle class
  • Real Estate investment continues to be a safer bet

Another segment to experience an increase in demand in the residential real estate market is ready-to-move-in properties, defined as property which has been completed and is ready for occupancy. According to reports, the need for ready homes is about to hit a 6-year high, with around 5,44,000 properties ready across many metros. 

The above study has intrigued many of us to find out the benefits of buying a ready-to-move property.

1. Zero Waiting

You need not wait for the builder and other associations to grant permission before the house is ready for occupation. An ideal option for the fast-moving Millenials and Gen Z buyers who need not stress about being left on standby.    

2. Security 

One of the critical factors for top developers is ensuring tight security in societies/complexes by providing the latest infrastructure, whether it means CCTV cameras, smoke detectors, access control, fire safety, and a fully functional elevator system. Thus, a potential buyer could look at these features before making an informed decision.

3. Neighbourhood and Location

Every home buyer seeks to have friendly neighbours and live in the perfect location. Therefore before paying a lumpsum, one can get familiar with their surroundings and look at the surrounding social infrastructure in terms of schools, colleges, and healthcare amenities as well as the ways of commuting. 

4. Tax Benefits

Ready-to-move-in properties allow you tax deductions on loan interest, which may or may not be possible in houses under construction. No GST and increased costs when it comes to ready-to-move properties.

5. Home Loan Benefits

Getting a loan approved at better interest rates is much easier in the case of ready-to-move-in properties. 

Well, for those of you who are interested in buying ready-to-move-in properties, blox is the perfect one-stop destination for a seamless homebuying journey. India’s first customer-centric real estate buying platform, offering the following services.

  • RM: An area expert will be designated to help with on-ground and online needs for your home-buying journey.
  • Exclusive Properties: Get first access, premier site visits with direct-from-developer prices and select your inventory on-demand.
  • Blox Assured Properties: Blox experts review the project, price and availability by physically visiting these sites to guarantee a seamless experience.
  • Top Properties: Get priority access to the most sought-after properties.
  • Fast Selling Properties: Explore the properties with the most site visits and deals happening.
  • Virtual Site Visits: Sit back as your designated relationship manager visits the site and gives you a detailed walkthrough of the show flat and the entire project.
  • 0% Brokerage: With no intermediary or hidden commissions, you can enjoy unlimited site visits, access to properties and more for free, always.
  • Always Available: Blox experts are always up to provide you with end-to-end assistance for home buying at any stage of your journey.
  • Online Booking: Book your home by paying the booking amount online and get complete transparency throughout the process.

Here are some of the ready-to-move-in properties in Mumbai

  • MJ Shah Arihant Towers, at Senapati Bapat Marg, Mumbai.
  • Suraj Mangirish, at Dadar West, Mumbai.
  • Dignity Divine, at Wadala, Mumbai.
  • Bhairaav Blessings, at Parel, Mumbai.
  • Omkar 1973, Pandurang Budhkar Marg, Mumbai.

From the points mentioned above, we can easily conclude that ready-to-move-in apartments are the way forward for those looking to move in immediately. Likewise, if you are a little tight on cash and want the flexibility of payments, under-construction ones could be for you. All-in-all it entirely depends on your personal preference. Whatever your choice, you will find the perfect option on blox. 

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