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The Enchanting Home of Bollywood Star Kriti Sanon

Blox Social
Posted on
Sep 11, 2023

The Enchanting Home of Bollywood Star Kriti Sanon

Kriti Sanon, a renowned Indian model and actress, hails from a Punjabi family in Delhi. She pursued a Bachelor's degree in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering from the Jaypee Institute of Information Technology in Noida. Despite her engineering background, Kriti ventured into the film and entertainment industry, initially making her mark as a model.

Currently, Kriti resides in the vibrant locale of Andheri, Mumbai, where she has established her cosy abode. Her journey to success in the film industry was not without its challenges, but she has showcased her acting skills and versatility in several successful films. 

Kriti Sanon currently resides in an opulent duplex apartment in a prestigious Andheri, Mumbai, Maharashtra building. Andheri, renowned for its central position and its allure to both residents and celebrities, is a coveted neighbourhood.

Residing on the 27th and 28th floors of the building grants Kriti an exquisite vantage point, offering breathtaking panoramic vistas of the cityscape. These elevated levels provide an exclusive and tranquil atmosphere, allowing her to savour a serene and peaceful living environment amid the vibrant city below.

Andheri's strategic central location offers a multitude of benefits to its residents. Its well-connected infrastructure facilitates Kriti's seamless commute to various shooting locations, studios, and other professional engagements. Moreover, the neighbourhood is home to several esteemed production houses, film studios, and entertainment hubs, rendering it an optimal residential choice for luminaries in the film industry.

A Peek Inside Kriti Sanon's Cosy Abode

Kriti Sanon's house emanates an enchanting ambience characterised by warmth and inviting charm. The residence artfully combines vibrant colours and cosy elements to create a comforting and delightful atmosphere.

Exploring the interior design of Kriti Sanon's house reveals a thoughtful and meticulous approach that mirrors the actor's personal style and preferences. Each room exudes a distinctive character, carefully curated with elements that seamlessly harmonise to form visually appealing and cohesive spaces.

Stepping into Kriti Sanon's house, the attention to detail becomes evident right at the entrance. The door, tastefully adorned in a soft blush hue, radiates aesthetic charm, further enhanced by a robust chunky silver handle. This blend of colours and design elements sets the tone for the entire house.

Upon entering, a spacious and inviting living room unfolds. The focal point of this space is a comfortable blue couch embellished with cushions in an array of vibrant hues, infusing a playful spirit into the room. Across from the couch, a light yellow sofa surrounds a petite tea table, creating an additional seating area conducive to relaxation and socialising.

A special touch in the living room is the dedicated memorabilia wall, featuring predominantly black and white photographs that evoke a sense of history and personal significance. Adjacent to this display, a white couch adorned with whimsical cushions provides a cosy spot for contemplating the cherished memories showcased on the memorabilia wall.

Subtle but noteworthy features in the living room include a small marble temple, offering a serene and sacred corner for spiritual reflection. A tall mirror framed in white adds an element of elegance while creating the illusion of a larger space. A brilliant orange painting acts as the room's artistic focal point, adding a burst of colour and vigour. The calming blue colour scheme of the furniture contributes to the room's quiet ambience.

The family corner is graced by a mirrored wall reflecting light, creating spaciousness and enhancing the room's charm. Complementing the mirror wall is a lemon-yellow couch that infuses a lively and cheerful tone into the space, offering a comfortable seating option for relaxation and conversation.

Adjacent to the lemon-yellow couch, a pale blue door stands as a striking element, exuding an aura of elegance and style. Adorned with artwork, the wall beside the door introduces a touch of creativity and personal expression, elevating the room's ambience. These artistic elements further enrich the atmosphere, rendering the family corner a visually captivating focal point within the house.

The family corner benefits from ample natural light, thanks to its well-placed sizable windows. This infusion of natural light not only brightens the area but also imparts a feeling of warmth and positivity, creating an inviting and vibrant atmosphere.