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Things to Keep in Mind While Home Staging

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Posted on
Oct 14, 2023

Home staging is an effective real estate strategy that is very popular among home sellers in the West. However, the concept is fast catching up in India, thanks to the many benefits that it has to offer. Today a significant proportion of people who want a good price for their property are using the home staging technique. But to get the right price for your property, you need to understand the concept and things to be aware of when home staging.

Every homeowner’s objective is to get the best possible price when selling their home. By relying on home staging, they will get a much higher price than expected. Simply put, home staging is a process wherein the homeowner makes their home ready for sale in the market. By renovating or embellishing the home, the seller makes it attractive thereby enhancing its appeal, getting more buyers and a much higher price.

So if you are planning to sell your home, here are a few things to consider while home staging

Declutter the home

Too much clutter makes the home look congested and causes a stressful environment, which are reasons enough to discourage homebuyers from investing in your home. So if you want to get a good rate for your property, begin by decluttering the house. Remove any objects that you deem unimportant or are ruining the property’s look. There are many items that have a seasonal purpose or may no longer be needed like summer or winter clothes, games, newspapers, unnecessary appliances, etc. Get rid of stuff no longer needed and store seasonal  products in storage boxes and away from buyers’ sights. Similarly declutter other areas like countertops, shelves cabinets and other storage areas. The more free space your home has, the more appealing it would seem to buyers.

Clean it thoroughly 

Once the decluttering process is over, you need to start the next process. And that is to thoroughly clean the home. Make a concerted effort to clean each and every part of the home. Make sure that no part of the home is left out. Pay attention to the floors, ceilings, doors, windows, etc. Check the corners and areas not easily visible to the eye for dirt, cobwebs and other irritants. Cleaning a home is challenging. So make your task easier by partnering with a professional cleaning company. Do not take any chances with the cleanliness aspect. A dirty home will put off the buyers and impact your bargaining power.

Carry necessary repairs

Ensure that your home is well-maintained. Before advertising your property for sale, inspect each and every part. There should be no cracks, the paint should be intact and kitchen faucets and other accessories in top order. If you come across any part which requires repairs, get it done immediately. A well-maintained home will attract more buyers and drive up the property’s prices considerably. 

Make the home appear less personal

When buyers visit your home, they will visualise the way they want to live in it. That is why it is necessary to remove any objects or belongings that identify the home with you. Family portraits, pictures of family elders, personal collections, religious artefacts, and plants are a few objects that give the home a personalised touch and should be done away with if you plan to sell the house. It is the buyer who needs to visualise how they want to use the property.

Keep it neutral

Colour reflects the mood and preferences of the homeowner. Some like bold colours, while others want to keep it light. So to make the home more attractive for the buyers, you need to redo the paint. Neutral colours are a safe bet and will appeal to most people. Grey, white, and beige are a few colours that you can experiment with. These are easy on the eyes and provide the home with a spacious look.

The exterior 

The buyer will decide whether they want to go ahead with the purchase or move to the next deal just by looking at the home’s exteriors. A shabby exterior is definitely a turn-off. So make the exteriors as attractive as possible. If you have a garden, maintain it well by keeping it green and tidy. Ensure that the paint on the exterior wall is not chipping off and use the right paint and decorative items on the entrance.


The idea of home staging is to enhance your home’s appearance. You need to get more buyers which will help you get a good price for your property. So if you are planning to sell your property, get started today with the revamping and redoing of your home. Hopefully, the tips mentioned above will help you stage your home according to the preferences of homebuyers. 

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