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Top 10 Store Room Designs to Incorporate for Maximising Spacing

Blox Social
Posted on
Jun 13, 2023


Space optimisation has become a critical factor in home design in today's fast-paced world. Utilising all available space is crucial, whether living in a small flat or a large home. The store room is one place that gets neglected frequently. Your home can stay organised and offer valuable storage space with the help of a well-planned store room design. This article will look at 10 cutting-edge storage room ideas that can help you make the most of your available space in your house. Why should the store room be dull? Here are ways in which you can jazz it up, as mentioned. 

Built-in Shelves and Cabinets 

Adding built-in shelves and cabinets to a store room is one of the most effective ways to maximise the available space. Use the space's vertical height to generate plenty of storage for goods like furniture, seasonal decorations, and rarely-used appliances. With this store room design, the available space is used to its maximum capacity without crowding the floor. 

Pull-out racks and drawers 

You can incorporate pull-out drawers and racks to maximise small spaces. These storage-saving features eliminate the need to dig through mounds, making stored goods easily accessible. Install them beneath shelves or in small crevices to store smaller goods like tools, cleaning supplies, or pantry essentials. 

Modular Store Room Designs

Modular storage options provide adaptability and flexibility. The components of these systems are movable bins, drawers, and shelves that may be changed to meet shifting storage requirements. You may adapt the area in your store room to your needs and increase storage efficiency by employing modular storage cabinets. Some modular storage systems can offer customised designs to accommodate more items, like a hidden storage space to install a washing machine. The advantage of modular store room designs is that they allow you to choose a design that fits your aesthetic and storage purpose.

Overhead space

Don't forget to use the overhead space in your store room. Install reliable overhead storage racks or shelves to store hefty items like baggage, seasonal clothing, or sporting goods. This tactic maintains an organised store room while freeing up floor space and keeping regularly used products close at hand. 

Pegboards and Hooks

Pegboards and hooks hung on the wall are a great way to utilise vertical wall space. Your store room can become a very useful area with these minimal changes. For easy access and neat organisation, hang bicycles, brooms, mops, and gardening tools. 

Compact Shelving Units 

For smaller store rooms, opt for compact shelving units that are designed specifically for tight spaces. These units are sleek and slim and efficiently utilise vertical space, making them perfect for storing items such as books, files, or personal belongings.

Usage of Underutilised Space

Take advantage of the frequently underutilised space in your store room if it is situated underneath a stairway. To construct a hidden storage room, use specialised shelves or drawers. Various goods, such as shoes, coats, purses, or even a wine collection, can be stored in this under-stair storage option. You can also build hidden drawers into wooden staircases to store extra shoes and other items.

Utilising Dead Space 

Locate any underused or "dead" space in your store room and use it. Corners, alcoves or even the space over the door may fall under this category. Install hanging organisers, wall-mounted racks, or corner shelves to turn these unused areas into useful storage places. 

Use Loft Space

If a loft space is available, you can convert it into extra storage space. Depending on your convenience, you can convert loft spaces into open storage spaces or hidden ones. If you want to create extra storage space for storing luggage or other similar items, a hidden space would be more convenient as it will not ruin the aesthetic of your room. 


Store rooms are often the most neglected areas, resulting in a lack of storage space. However, by implementing these creative store room design ideas, you can efficiently maximise space usage and maintain your items' organisation in your home. In addition, you can make additional space for your valuable cutlery, tools or other items in your house. Don't forget to evaluate your particular storage demands and modify the designs as necessary. Your home's functioning improves, and a well-designed store room increases its value.