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Top 5 Smart Home Devices in 2023

Blox Social
Posted on
Feb 11, 2023

What is it about Batman and James Bond movies that capture our imaginations? While the technology of Wayne Manor and the gadgets that Bond uses have us craving for more, what if you could live in a smart home with most, if not all, of these high-tech tools?

Let us take a look at some of the top smart devices that are now available and can turn your house into a dream home.

What is more, these can all be connected to each other and can be remotely controlled by you.

Smart Lighting and HVAC Systems

Intelligent HVAC systems are definitely the way we are headed. We live in a world where global warming and energy crises are here and here to stay. An air-conditioning unit that senses the external temperature, humidity, and weather conditions and modifies the indoor temperature settings to balance these is the hallmark of a smart home. Similarly, lighting and air purifying technology that sense the presence of people in a room and can turn off when you walk out can help save energy and money. That’s both environment-friendly and tech-savvy! Voice-controlled mood lighting adds the oomph factor to your smart lifestyle.

Smart Cleaning Systems

Robotic floor cleaners that sense your dusting, cleaning, and mopping needs are no longer a dream. What's more, is that this amazing home gadget is self-cleaning and charges itself. It even starts to recognise the layout of your home for a better cleaning experience. And if you think robotic cleaners are the answer to your prayers, take a look at motion-sensing dustbins that open as you approach and come with a built-in compactor function. Some even have a smart composting function to turn your wet waste into compost. Now that is the future, isn't it?

Personal Chef

Smart kitchens and kitchen appliances are your own personal assistant and chef, all rolled into one. Let us take the example of the intelligent refrigerators that are now hitting the markets. A smart fridge can help you identify the groceries you use regularly and tell you when you run low. It can also help you identify foods that are likely to go bad, help pull up healthy recipes and even remind you to up your water intake. Kitchen planning like a pro chef is now at your fingertips. Your smartphone can control smart cookers and coffee makers, and coffee or dinner can be kept ready and warm by the time you get home. Smart living has truly arrived.

Entertain like a Pro

Living room technology can be made infinitely better with smart designs and internet connectivity. Voice-controlled activation of mood music, centrally controlled speakers, televisions, sound systems, hands-free display, and settings adjustments - you have everything you need for a movie screening, a date night, or a sports event with friends. Taking home automation to a whole new level, you can now connect the popcorn maker to the television or sync the oven to the music to be ready on time for dinner.

The Matter of Security

One of the greatest applications of smart technology, AI, and IoT is the development of next-gen security systems. We have long graduated from the lock and key systems to key cards and further on to biometric systems. So, walk into your home carrying groceries or shopping bags, look into the smart security console and unlock your home without having to reach out for the physical keys  – all hands-free. In addition, you may want to install motion-sensing security devices can now alert you to any movement at home through your mobile phones, tabs, and remote devices and also give you a live feed of any activity. This will help you keep tabs on pets, the elderly, or alert you to any intruders.  Smart homes deserve smart security, and the best systems are now available to homeowners.

Indian Real Estate and Smart Automation

According to recent reports, the global smart home automation market was pegged at USD 64.66 billion in the year 2022. The Indian smart home market is estimated to be about USD 4.43 billion and is expected to reach USD 6.85 billion by 2027. Some of the top developers in cities like Mumbai and Delhi have responded to this growing demand for smart homes by coming up with ultra-high-tech projects that are automation and smart technology enabled.

If you are a prospective homeowner and are looking to own a smart home, Blox is your one-stop destination. Our tech-enabled online platform helps homeowners find the right residential properties constructed by some of the top developers and builders in Mumbai. Look for the smart home that fits your budget, location choice, and preferences and buy a home in seven clicks. Find expert guidance from our relationship managers, who bring you exclusive properties to match your needs. If you love technology in your home, trust the tech tools of Blox to make your home-buying experience a smooth, stress-free one.