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Top Home Decor Items Raising Your Standard of Living

Blox Social
Posted on
May 30, 2023

Your home is not only your personal space but also an expression of your artistic sensibilities. Herein lies the role of home décor. But it is more than just beauty. Your home décor also reflects your standard of living. Here are some of the top home décor items that can elevate your lifestyle.

  • Artwork Aesthetics 

Artwork is the hallmark of beauty and sophistication. Nothing adds a look of expensive elegance like a few well-chosen art pieces. Scour the local galleries and auctions in your city for upcoming artists with great potential. You may opt for high-quality first copies of masterpieces, or if you have a keen eye and an appreciation of the arts, you will pick up pieces that are likely to appreciate in value and become assets. When hanging artwork in your home, consult an art expert about maintaining and protecting them. Remember, the frames are just as important as the art pieces when displaying them at their best.

  • Window Treatments 

A home is the reflection of the owner’s personality. Nothing exudes your love of luxury and an opulent lifestyle like your window treatments. Choosing curtains, valances, blinds, and curtain accessories can help elevate your home and give it an air of sophisticated charm. Experiment with a layered look, using fine, sheer drapes with rich satin or velvet fabric over it. This gives an incredibly rich look and offers the best of both. Pay particular attention to the curtain rods and brackets, as these add complexity to the window treatments.

  • Luxury Lighting 

Lighting and light fixtures are among the most underrated interior décor items. Experts, however, understand the importance of appropriate lighting options in providing the right amount of light and setting the mood in your household. The artwork in your home also requires the appropriate lighting to show it off. Most of us cannot imagine a royal palace or a lavish home without a beautiful central chandelier. Similarly, various innovative light accessories – LED lights, panel lighting, light wall art, table lamps, candles, lanterns, and fairy lights can be used strategically to give your home a wonderfully opulent look.

  • Fluid Feature 

Be it a home, office, or mall space – we cannot imagine anything luxurious, rich, and opulent without a fountain. A water feature instantly elevates a plain and drab space into an elegant area. While Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui have their explanations advocating the installation of an indoor fountain, scientists link joy and happiness with the sight of moving water. From a large aquarium to a small indoor fountain – water features are top decor items that should be picked according to your preference and space availability. And for those who live in flats and apartments, a glass water screen fountain can be a good option.

  • Fabric Magic 

When discussing home décor items that can elevate your standard of living, we simply cannot miss looking at the ubiquitous carpet. And here you have a whole range of options. Hand-knotted or machine-made, Persian rugs, shaggy or plain – whatever your choice, carpets and rugs add colour and texture to plain floors. The magic they create in your home décor scheme is undeniable.


Decorating your home requires considerable time, effort, and investment. Therefore, it is a good idea to scour lifestyle blogs and expert articles before settling on the top home décor items for your flat or apartment.