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Trending Nature-Inspired Looks For Your Bedroom

Blox Social
Posted on
Jun 22, 2023

The bedroom is a personal space and an area to relax and rejuvenate your energy. A bedroom that evokes tranquillity can help boost energy and productivity, and can significantly reduce stress caused by work and other issues. If you really want to spend quality time in soothing environments, it would be best to bring nature into your bedroom. A nature-inspired bedroom will have a calming effect on the senses and enable you to begin your day on a positive note.

So here are a few nature-inspired looks that you can use in your bedroom.

Nature-related paintings

Does your bedroom window open up to a busy street? If yes, consider hanging some nature-inspired paintings on your wall. Such paintings will make your bedroom more lively, rejuvenate your spirit, and enhance your mood. Some nature-inspired paintings that will be a perfect fit for your bedroom include green farms, calm seas, forests, mountains, valleys, flowers and plants. 

Indoor plants

Not everyone is lucky to have a garden or live near a park or green space. Most of us live in busy localities amidst pollution and dust. Buy a few indoor plants for your bedroom and place them at convenient spots. Besides purifying the air, the plants will soothe your nerves and help you get a good night’s sleep. In addition, the plants will add a vibrancy to your bedroom. Snake plant, money plant, peace lily, and spider plants are a few indoor plants that have an aesthetic appeal and require low maintenance. The yellow, grey and green three colour combination of yellow flowers, green plans and grey walls will provide the room with a stunning look. If you have not yet embellished your home with indoor plants, it is time you should. 

Natural light

Are you relying too much on artificial light during the day? How about discarding the heavy drapes and replacing them with sheer curtains. Sheer curtains let in enough sunlight which has an abundance of vitamin D. Besides, natural light improves productivity and sleep. At the same time, sheer curtains ensure that you have enough privacy. On the other hand, heavy drapes block natural light forcing you to depend on artificial lighting systems in the daytime.

Wooden accessories 

If you have steel or iron accessories in your bedroom, replace them with those made of wood. Unlike steel, wood is derived from nature. Beds and chairs made of wood will provide your bedroom with a subtle look and also connect you with nature. Besides furniture, you can use nature-related products like bamboo in the flooring, wooden photo frames for the walls, shells and pebbles as decorative pieces, organic cotton bedding and nature-inspired wallpapers. 

Nature-inspired colours

Green is the colour of nature and elicits an aura of serenity. It is the first colour that comes to mind when planning to paint a nature-inspired colour on your bedroom walls. There are numerous shades of green like emerald green, neutral, muted green and others. However, if green is not your favourite colour, you can opt for light blue or brown. To add more sparkle to your bedroom you can use yellow, grey and green three colour combinations. These colours are pleasing to the eye and similar to nature. 

Nature-inspired patterns

Give an earthy feel to your bedroom by embellishing it with nature-inspired patterns. Choose green or brown colour curtains and other accessories. Curtains, bedsheets, pillows, cushions, etc., that have plants, leaves, flowers engraved on them or have floral patterns will provide your bedroom with a natural ambiance. You can also consider using floral or leafy designs on your bedroom walls or cover your walls with nature-inspired wallpapers. 


Many homes in metropolitan cities are located far away from nature. But using earthy looks for your bedroom will help you stay connected with nature. Besides creating a tranquil ambiance, a nature-inspired bedroom is good for health as it reduces stress. By using nature-inspired colours like yellow, grey and green three colour combination, plants and accessories, you can create a perfect ambiance by harmonising your bedroom with nature. There are many properties on Blox that are located close to green spaces. You can fix an appointment with Blox for a site visit. This will give you a proper understanding of the property and its surroundings. So get connected to nature with the nature-inspired looks mentioned above.