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Triplex House Elevation Trends: What's In and What's Out

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Posted on
Sep 26, 2023

Move over duplex, now triplexes are all the rage in India amongst modern home owners looking for a lavish living space with enough privacy for all. A triplex house, for those who don’t know, is a type of apartment or flat that comprises three connected floors – each with a design and layout that enables it to act as an independent apartment.

So, how do you go about designing a triplex house elevation

For starters, let us clear the architectural terminology of elevation. A house elevation is essentially just the exterior of a home. Thus, triplex house elevation essentially implies the façade of the triplex flat that will add to its appearance and appeal. In order to design the ideal triplex house elevation, one must be aware of the current trends as well as trends that are no longer in vogue. You might say, ‘Isn’t that the home designer or architect’s job?’, but let’s not forget that as an owner of a triplex flat, you have the biggest say in how it should look. After all, being an informed home owner or real estate investor always pays!

So, what’s in and what’s out when it comes to elevation trends for a triplex house? 

Triplex House Elevation: What's In

  • If you're looking for a trendy option, consider a reflective glass façade for your triplex house. Keep in mind that the use of glass may stir up some debate within the neighbourhood.
  • A triplex design can be challenging to incorporate with a stone or stone cladding elevation. However, you can achieve a visual by selecting neutral coloured stone cladding for the central vestibule and allowing residential features like balconies to extend on both sides. Natural stone cladding not only enhances the aesthetic but also helps keep the home cool while conserving energy.
  • Combining wood and granite slabs creates a contemporary elevation for your house. Just remember that wood requires treatment to withstand weather conditions and last longer. 
  • For a triplex apartment, a tiered glass elevation also works great. The ground floor can have a toughened glass façade while the middle and top floors can be smaller in space giving it a look with a balcony or deck.
  • If you prefer an affordable and retro vibe, then exposed brick elevations are worth considering. Furthermore, it's worth considering that the outward appearance of a brick façade can be achieved without using bricks. Instead, you have the option to use weather tiles that mimic the look of bricks. These tiles come in colours and textures allowing you to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Triplex House Elevation: What's Out

  • Flat roofs have their appeal in giving a modern look. However, they come with some downsides. Flat roofs tend to be more susceptible to leaks and require maintenance efforts. Moreover, they can make your house appear boxy and lacklustre. A preferable alternative would be to consider a pitched roof for your triplex house.
  • When it comes to stone veneer, it can create a cosy aesthetic for your triplex home’s exterior walls. Yet, if not executed well, fake stone veneer can give off an artificial appearance. Over time it may fade, crack or peel away from the underlying material leaving it exposed. Additionally, fake stone veneer has the potential to attract moisture and mould growth that can damage your walls while decreasing your home’s value. 
  • Another triplex elevation trend to avoid is injecting excessive colour into your triplex house elevation design to stand out from the rest of the neighbourhood. Caution should be exercised regarding excessive use of colours because many of them might result in visual chaos and a cluttered appearance that is less appealing overall. Furthermore, an excess of colours may clash with each other as well as with neighbouring houses.
  • While windows are necessary for allowing light and ventilation into your triplex home, it is important to avoid oversized windows. Such windows can create a disproportionate appearance, particularly if they are not aligned with the doors and other windows. They can also compromise privacy and security by exposing more of your interior to the world. 


At the end of the way, consider the elevation of your triplex home as the cherry on top of a stunning cake. You don’t want the cherry to be stale and outdated. Instead, it should be as fresh as possible, so that your triplex home becomes the neighbourhood’s sight of envy and inspiration both. 

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