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Understanding the Practice of Hanging A Horseshoe Above Door

Blox Social
Posted on
Aug 22, 2023

The horseshoe is an internationally recognized emblem of protection and good fortune. The horseshoe is a good luck charm that wards off evil and misfortune due to the combination of luck, protection, and religion. The belief in horseshoes can be traced back to both ancient Greece and Christianity. It was thought that iron could ward off evil, and the crescent shape of the horseshoe represented fertility and good fortune. The iron horseshoe has a long history in most Western countries and India.

Today, we are going to delve deeper into this centuries-old belief and figure out how one can make the most of it: 

What Makes Horseshoe Auspicious?

Horseshoes were originally made up of iron, which was thought to be magical since it could withstand fire. It was employed as a charm to keep evil spirits at bay. Iron coins were thought to bring good fortune. Horseshoes are hung with seven nails because the number seven is considered lucky. An Irish tale also tells of Saint Dunstan, a blacksmith who tied a burning horseshoe on one of the devil's hooves. The devil was terrified, and he would never enter a house with a horseshoe above the door. Even sailors were said to hang horseshoes to their ships' masts to help them avoid bad weather.

What Kind of Horseshoe is Considered Lucky?

A horseshoe worn by a horse used and naturally separated from the hooves is thought to be a lucky horseshoe. Furthermore, the horseshoe on the horse's front right leg is thought to be particularly lucky and powerful. Also, the black horseshoe is thought to be powerful and protects the area from evil influences.

Where and How to Place a Horseshoe in Your House?

To maximize the positive energy of a horseshoe, one should place it in the appropriate manner and location of the house. Here are a few tips to help you do so:

  • The primary entryway is where the flow of energy is most important. As a protective symbol, the horseshoe is generally placed outside the front door (and above it).
  • Some believe that hanging the open-end up collects luck, while others believe that hanging it open-end down distributes luck. 
  • Most people prefer horseshoe points that point up (like the letter U). It is said that if a horseshoe is wrapped in a black cloth and kept in a grain container, a household will never run out of grains.
  • Wrap the horse shoe in a cloth and place it in the wardrobe's locker to attract money and solve financial issues.
  • In Vastu, a horseshoe represents luck, money, and good fortune. To eradicate Vastu dosha, hang it with the ends pointing upwards. 
  • Hang a horseshoe at the main entrance of your workplace, business, or home. A worn horseshoe is said to carry the powers of the horse, which represent achievement, perseverance, and strength.

What Does Dreaming a Horseshoe Signify?

Dreaming of a horseshoe has a spiritual meaning, representing luck, protection, and good fortune. The crescent moon shape represents femininity, intuition, and the divine feminine. It represents the need to embrace feminine characteristics and trust intuition.

In a dream, a horseshoe indicates stability and balance, prompting the seeker to find harmony in their lives. It acts as a reminder to be thankful for the gifts and safety that are already in place.

Horse Artwork

Avoid horse paintings in which the horse is angry, alone, or stamping. A horse artwork should not be hung towards the door. A running horse portrait, statue, or 7 horse painting in the home promotes vitality and enhances favorable energies for financial stability and career advancement. A stallion must always be kept in pairs or multiples. The south wall of the house or workplace is the finest direction for displaying a seven-horse artwork because it is connected with success and fame.


The horseshoe has significant spiritual significance and has long been connected with good fortune and protection. You bring positive energy and benefits into your life by hanging a horseshoe above the door. Whether you believe in its mystical abilities or simply like the symbolism, incorporating the horseshoe tradition into your house can add a touch of enchantment and good fortune.

Why not give it a shot? A horseshoe above the door with the right intention might just make the magic happen!