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Vastu Hacks For Mirror Placement in Your Flat

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Posted on
Aug 23, 2023

Plants and mirrors are the top favourites of homeowners looking to do up their interiors. While plants add colour and vibrancy, mirrors are perfect for small flats and apartments low on natural light. Mirrors create the illusion of space and reduce your dependence on artificial light. Mirrors make for excellent decor items and add sparkle to your home. In fact, traditional home design and decor practices like Vastu and Feng Shui also endorse the use of mirrors in the house because these attract positive vibrations and deflect negative energy.

While this makes mirrors the perfect interior décor items, there are a few dos and don'ts that you must follow when placing them.

Mirrors reflect reality

Vastu Shastra promotes the free flow of energy in the household and balances various elements that constitute our environment. Mirrors are central to this ideology in several ways. They represent the water element but reflect the energy of the person or object they face. This means they work to create harmony and strength by depicting our truth. Mirrors are also believed to strengthen the bond among family members by adding light to the home. More importantly, vastu dosha or flaws in the vastu alignment can often be eliminated by strategically placing mirrors in the house. So if you own flats in Andheri or any of the central suburbs, where space is at a premium, using mirrors to enhance the flow of positive energy is a wonderful idea.

Here are some of the top hacks using mirrors, recommended by Vastu experts –

  • Placing a square, rectangular, or octagonal mirror in the living room is a great way to enhance the social standing of the family and to bring more friends and loved ones who will support you. In this location, the mirror reflects warmth and hospitality as well. It is important to remember, though, that the mirror should not face the front door or entrance. If you own a flat in Andheri or Bandra or one of the commercial neighbourhoods, it is essential to avoid placing a mirror that reflects the busy thoroughfare outside.
  • As mentioned above, Vastu greatly emphasises that mirrors reflect and amplify energies. Placing a mirror in the dining area can bring prosperity and plenitude. On this note, it is important to dine together as a family, and the mirror will also reflect this bonding energy. If you have a cash or jewellery locker at home, placing a large mirror on the wall opposite this locker may be a good idea.
  • Modern-day apartments and flats do not make space for a separate dressing room. This makes it necessary for us to place the dressing table or floor-length mirror in the bedroom. In these cases, placing the mirror in a way that does not reflect your bed is considered good according to Vastu guidelines.
  • Mirrors typically reflect the water element, making it a good idea to place them in the northern or eastern direction of the home or the north and east walls of a particular space. Mirrors should not be placed in the southern or western directions as these attract negative energies. This diktat becomes particularly important because Vastu recommends that the kitchen be located south of the house. Placing a mirror in the kitchen or food preparation area is best avoided.
  • Many homeowners place large designs to ward off the evil eye outside their main door. While Vastu Shastra endorse this, you must ensure that these designs do not contain mirrors. Mirrors on the entrance door or over it will deflect any good opportunities and luck and prevent them from entering the home.

Things to avoid

  • Using one or two large mirrors is considered ideal. A mosaic of mirrors or overuse of mirrors can attract chaos and conflict.
  • Avoid using circular, oval, or irregularly shaped mirrors.
  • Keep the mirrors crack-free and free from scratches as well. Regular maintenance is important; any broken or cracked mirror should be replaced immediately.
  • If the room has a number of water features, such as a painting of a pond, a small waterfall etc., it may be a good idea to use a mirror in a metal frame and light candles on the shelf or table that it reflects. Place a plant in front of the mirror. This will balance the elements in the space.

Owning residential property in Mumbai, particularly flats in Andheri, Bandra, Juhu, Goregaon, and some of the upcoming suburbs, is often the culmination of your dreams. It is a place where you will watch your family live and grow. Following Vastu guidelines will help attract luck and abundance, keep your family healthy and energetic, and help support all your personal and professional endeavours.