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Vastu Tips to Bring In Positive Energy Into Your Home

Blox Social
Posted on
Dec 23, 2022

While we buy property in Mumbai city, we pick our dream homes based on the location, connectivity, amenities, and facilities that the projects offer. There is very little say that an average homeowner has in design and construction ethics. While most of us lead active, busy lives, our primary focus is firmly fixed on the family's health, joy, and success.

Following a few simple Vastu tips, you can ensure that your home and family remain vibrant, energetic, and packed with positive energy.

Natural light and energy – Vastu diktats focus on living a life in harmony with the natural elements – air, water, earth, fire, and space. One of the best ways to bring sunlight, fresh air, and positive vibes into your household is to have large open windows on the eastern wall. Clean all the windows in the home and keep them dust free. Do not obstruct energy flow with heavy curtains, blinds, or shutters. Light cotton or net curtains that can be pulled aside make for the best window drapes. Hanging wind chimes also bring peace and harmony into the household.

The doorway to happiness – For instance, if you opt for a property in Andheri, Mumbai, chances are that your main doorway may face the entrance to other flats or apartments, and there is not much you can do about the direction either. To improve the Vastu and the energies entering your household, you can select a high-quality wooden material for the door and keep the design simple. Do not let shoes or footwear lie around the entrance; use a closed shoe rack or stand. Placing a mirror or reflective surface over the main doorway facing outwards keeps off the Evil Eye or any negativity that tries to enter the household. A simple and clean nameplate will help attract opportunities.

Altar matters - No matter which religion we follow, the altar at home is always a special place. Vastu dictates that the northeast is the ideal direction for placing the altar. Keep this space clean and clutter-free, and avoid hanging unnecessary draping. Keep the metal lamps clean, shiny, and free of soot. Do not let dried leaves or withered flowers stand at the altar, as they tend to attract sadness and emotional disturbances. If you place metal idols or photographs of deities on the altar, clean them with the appropriate cleaning products to avoid damage or blemishes. Burn natural incense regularly to attract positive energy.

Photos and artwork guidelines – Adding artwork and personal pictures is a great way to give your home a beautiful yet lived-in vibe. Vastu guidelines, however, recommend steering clear of pictures that may attract negativity. These include artwork depicting storms, dark clouds, ships struggling against the ocean, dark and gloomy faces, painful or violent images, a splash of red paint etc. It is also a good idea to avoid placing photos of deceased family members at the altar or mandir. These should be displayed with other family photos on shelves or the mantle. Pictures of the rising sun, flowers, trees and flowing rivers attract positive energy, opportunities, and luck.

Vastu for health and fitness – Making small changes and following Vastu guidelines can help improve your health and bring joy and positivity. To enhance the health of the family, ensure that the kitchen, the main food prep area, should face southeast. If this is not feasible, keeping the stove, oven, hob, and other fiery cooking appliances to the southeast of the kitchen itself is best. When you buy a property in Mumbai, it is advisable to ensure that the sink and water dispenser are not placed on the same counter as the stove or hob.

Following these simple Vastu tips can help us remain optimistic and find opportunities rather than obstacles. Making small changes can help usher in a lot of positive energy and infuse our lives with enthusiasm.