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What Is Blox and How Is It Different from Other Real Estate Buying Platforms

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Posted on
Dec 19, 2022

Economies across the world are embracing digitalisation, technology, and innovation. While this trend was initiated nearly a decade ago, the snowball effect of digitalisation was acutely felt only during the COVID-19 pandemic. Thanks to the amazing integration of digital technology in most sectors, we can transact, bank, shop, and conduct nearly all our businesses online. While slow in adopting such technology, real estate is now catching up. Blox is a tech-based consumer-centric platform that simplifies real estate comparison and buying.

Let us take a look at some of the incredible advantages India's leading online home-buying platform offers.  

Tech Power – Most real estate sites currently focus on connecting the potential buyer with brokers. What this means is that they act as digital classified sites for brokers who post their inventory. Blox on the other hand is a revolutionary platform that offers tech-driven solutions to connect the buyer with the developer for a simplified buying process. The ML and AI-driven comparison process helps you shortlist properties according to your needs. Now here is where things get exciting. On traditional real estate sites, you can see various listings and are prompted to contact brokers for site visits. Blox, on the other hand, helps in setting up virtual tours and home visits, saving you time and effort in finding your dream home.  Once you have settled on the property you wish to buy, Blox helps with the online verification of documents and helps with the sale process, offering you a complete home-buying guide. You can go on a satisfying home buying experience from househinting to buying in 7 clicks. Isn’t that incredible?

Customer-First Approach- Most real estate platforms work as conduits that connect buyers with brokers who work in the traditional space. Blox is a customer-centric platform that looks out for the needs and wants of the home buyer. Every home buyer is assigned a personal Relationship Manager who is an expert in the real estate space and knows the locality, nearby areas, project details and more pertaining to the apartment you’ve shortlisted. Traditional real estate buying platforms do not offer such personalised services or look out for your interests. Your Blox RM will guide you through the decision-making right through to property sale and registration. What’s more, unlike other platforms, Blox values transparency and privacy. Your data is kept completely safe and not shared with third parties like brokers and developers.

Verified Developers – One of the greatest advantages you can leverage when you decide to shortlist and buy real estate online in India through Blox is access to verified developers like Dynamix, Kochra Realty, Lodha Group, Hiranandani and more. Unlike many other real estate platforms, the properties listed on Blox are directly verified by the team and not by third-party brokers. So, what you see, is what you get. And that is the assurance most home buyers want while making one of the most important financial decisions of their lives.

Premium Properties – Blox lists some of the premium luxury flats in Mumbai and its suburbs. This means, as a homebuyer, you have access to some of the best projects with just the right mix of aesthetics and amenities you want in your dream home. In fact, Blox has an exclusive mandate on many of these due to its collaboration with some of the top developers in town. Most other sites list properties as and when brokers deem fit. With Blox, getting insider info on new and upscale projects just got a lot easier.

Zero-Brokerage Policy – Brokerage charges have always been a sore point with prospective home buyers. Most brokers charge between 1-5% of the cost of the flats in Mumbai when you sign the deal. Now, this is not covered by the home loan and is often an out-of-pocket expense. Now imagine a platform that gives you personalised services and access to exclusive properties and end-to-end home-buying assistance at zero fees. That's the Blox advantage!

Complete Transparency – Home-buying is a very emotional and important financial decision for most people. It is mired with several decisions involving research, verification, financial applications, permits, and negotiations. The use of data science and tested algorithms makes for complete transparency through the Blox platform. These are services that other real estate sites do not offer. 

Blox helps take the stress and the mess out of your home-buying with its consumer-friendly, tech-enabled platform. Blox uses the most advanced data infrastructure powered by AI and ML to bring you the very best of real estate and all that it has to offer, making it the perfect tool for your home-buying quest.

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