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What Makes Bonkode a Prominent Player in Navi Mumbai's Real Estate Market?

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Posted on
Jun 10, 2023

Real estate has been the most promising investment, and this has been proven time and again. The industry has shown huge signs of development, and people nowadays are fonder of investing in these assets rather than saving them on public and private sector banks. Experts have concluded that land values will always keep on increasing as time goes on, so if you are planning on it, get ready for some hefty benefits in the long run.

But at the same time, it should be remembered that not all places are suitable for the real estate markets to flourish. Several factors contribute to the development of the real estate markets. Especially for a place like Navi Mumbai, you need to explore these factors and can get to the conclusion of why experts have prioritised the Bonkode sector as a prominent player in this business.


Properties, real estate, and buildings in business and market sectors are worth more than those in residential regions. Brokers sometimes quote higher prices for buildings in well-established and approved colonies and neighbourhoods compared to those in less established and up-and-coming places. Similar to this, structures built on freehold ground often fetch a greater price than those built on leased land.


In comparison to properties that lack proper electric connections, telephone lines, water sewage facilities, and other infrastructure like community centres, children's parks, swimming pools, gymnasiums, parking lots, or general stores, properties with better infrastructure and modern amenities are valued at a higher price. Property values are predicated on the accessibility of amenities and essentials associated with pleasant living.


One of the most significant elements affecting real estate prices in India is infrastructure development. The property's value increases as a result of the availability of highways, airports, flyovers, malls, bus terminals, and other facilities close by. It is a well-known truth that investors wanting to buy land or property have a connection as one of their top priorities. This leads to the theory that explains an increase in the value of the real estate that is close to commercial centres, healthcare facilities, educational institutions, retail marketplaces, and entertainment hubs in addition to other common facilities.

Commercial Property

Significant instances of commercial growth have impacted the value of the real estate in the location of Bonkode in Navi Mumbai. The construction of shopping centres, information technology offices, and Special Economic Zones close to residential areas helps save the time and energy consumed travelling to work and raises the value of the real estate in the region.

Land availability

The graph depicting the worth of property indicates a slower growth in locations where there is plenty of land available for residential uses or the development of real estate than in areas where land is relatively scarcer.

Supply and Demand

As the supply or availability of real estate falls, property prices increase. So in a way, it can be said that they are in inverse relation to each other. Demand is mostly driven by demographic changes. The popularity of a certain locality in terms of people desiring to be a part of the locality also boosts its price along with an increase in the number of people living there.


The expense spent by the owner to use or maintain a property is referred to as affordability. It is the phrase that identifies a connection between interest rates, home prices, and salaries. When one or more of the aforementioned factors reaches its peak in a certain location, the locals begin to search for a higher quality of life elsewhere.


These are probably the reasons why Bonkode has been becoming successful in the real estate business in Navi Mumbai. The newly introduced projects have increased the chances of improvement in the transportation sector as well an increment has also been noticed in the social and cultural sectors as well. Amidst the concept of sustainability, urban planners have also considered this as an important factor, and development and construction are done in a way so that this factor can be preserved. Thus, this region is getting economically and environmentally sensible, which contributes to rising property values and establishing this region as a prominent real estate market.


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