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What Makes Dombivli West the Ideal Residential Area?

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Posted on
Mar 2, 2023

Dombivli is a place with a significant historical presence, which dates back to the medieval period. Today, it is one of Mumbai’s most important suburbs. This locality is situated around 49 km away from the economic powerhouse of Mumbai. 

Dombivli West is known for its high literacy rate and cosmopolitan nature. This locality witnesses people from various cultures, nationalities, and religions settling for a peaceful living. Once having a mere population of a few hundred, the west region of the MMR city has grown significantly over the past few years. 

Due to the rapid developments around the locality, Dombivli West is popularly known for its residential nature. But why is it preferable for residential settlements to their eastern counterpart? Why are people more inclined towards living in Dombivli West? It’s time to find out! 

The Demand for Residential Settlements in Dombivli West

In the past few years, Dombivli West has witnessed a lot of great infrastructure developments. Today, there are several hospitals, grocery markets, restaurants, shopping malls, and educational institutions in the locality, which makes this place optimal for people to spend their livelihood with all facilities in hand. 

The festivities, such as Ganesh Chaturthi, are also celebrated with utmost joy, especially around the neighboring localities of Girgaon and Lalbaug. 

Several factors contributed to the growth of residential settlements and real estate properties in Dombivli West. Among all those factors, the evident one that contributed to the massive growth of this locality is the presence of several industries in Dombivli West. 

Due to the vast scale of industries, the bustling locality was able to contribute mainly to the economic boost of this particular region. Moreover, it also created a scope of employment, drawing people's attention. Some old and prominent industries in Dombivli West are Gharda Chemicals, Lloyd Steel, and Vicco Labs. 

Apart from that, the railway station in Dombivli was built in 1886 and has proven to be the transportation powerhouse in this region. The locals depend on this station for traveling to Mumbai city and all of the other suburbs of the area. 

Thus, this high-speed and reliable connectivity of Dombivli West initiated the proposals of significant developments around the locality in the past. Hence, the development of brilliant real estate properties supports the spiking demand for residential settlement among people. 

Reasons that Make Dombivli West an Ideal Residential Hub

Coming back to the current date, the developments have broken the demand charts for making Dombivli West one of Mumbai's most prominent residential areas. Here are a few of the reasons to support this claim:

1. The Seamless Connectivity

When you are talking about the residential highlights of Dombivli West, you cannot miss out on talking about its efficiency of connectivity. In this locality, the Kopar Road Railway Station of Dombivli West is linked with Vasai Road through Central Railway, which is just 5 minutes away from the Dombivli Railway Station. 

The locality also witnessed great interconnectivity through buses, auto-rickshaws, local trains, and taxis. The place is also well-linked via the major roadways. Some important connecting roads are Kheti Road, Mahatma Phule Road, and Reti Bunder Road. 
Through the state highways, Dombivli is connected to both Panvel and Kalyan. From the Dombivli station, you can get frequent to/from trains for Navi Mumbai and the city center. 

2. The Uprising Real Estate Trends

Another contributing factor to the increased demand for residential properties in Dombivli West is the constant spike in the prices of properties in the locality. As of March 2023, the average price per sq. ft for properties or flats in Dombivli West ranges between Rs. 6500 and Rs. 7000. 

The average pricing is higher than last year and is cumulatively rising compared to the previous record for five years. Thus, the return on investment potential is higher for flats in Dombivli West. Hence, more and more people are keen on investing in residential properties in this locality. 

Why is Dombivli West Picked as a Residential Area Over its Eastern Counterpart?

Dombivli West is rich with all sorts of amenities and facilities. There is a good social infrastructure, following which real estate projects are being constructed rapidly. Some of the exclusive landmarks of Dombivli West, which contribute towards making this place a good residential area, are:

  • Sanjivani Clinic
  • SIA English High School
  • Railway Colony
  • Maharashtra Nagar
  • Lower Kopar Rail Station
  • Central Bank of India
  • Everest Shopping Centre

With the seamless roadway connectivity, the traffic is well managed in Dombivli West than in its Eastern part. The population is denser in the Eastern Part of Dombivli, which also triggers a high risk of pollution. 

Moreover, Dombivli East also lacks some basic amenities, such as proper petrol pumps. The corporation or government buses ply between the routes infrequently, again problematic in Dombivli East. 


In a nutshell, Dombivli West is well established in terms of infrastructure, facilities, and residential upliftment. Therefore, more and more people are keen to invest in new residential properties in this locality. If you are searching for good and budgeted flats in Dombivli West, ease your home-buying journey with Blox. 
Blox is a popular platform for the people of India who want to own property in Mumbai. It allows you to filter out the property options concerning location, budget, and property type. This way, you will save time and effort in finding the perfect apartment or independent house in your desired location. Try it out!