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What Makes Housing in Bhivpuri Affordable?

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Posted on
Mar 9, 2023

Are you planning on buying a house in Mumbai without compromising on the basic amenities but are strict on a budget? If yes, then Bhivpuri is your go-to locality with ample options. 

The average property buying price per sq. ft. is around Rs. 3000, which is relatively reasonable compared to other parts of Mumbai. The low pricing of properties at this site doesn’t imply that the properties here lack facilities. 

You will get all the basic amenities across all properties in Bhivpuri, along with a comfortable stay and added infrastructure facilities around the locality. But the obvious question people have in mind is, what makes flats in Bhivpuri so affordable?

So, this blog is here to help you understand the facts behind houses being sold for affordable rates in Bhivpuri.

Where is Bhivpuri, and Why is Real Estate Affordable in this Locality?

Bhivpuri is a town that is located under Karjat Taluka. There is easy connectivity to the Bhivpuri rail station under the Mumbai Suburban Railway. The town is popularly known for its natural paradise. Several waterfalls around this place attract many local visitors and tourists, especially on the weekends. 

Not just that, but the social infrastructure around Bhivpuri is also quite optimal. The multi-facility Raigad Hospital and Research Centre cover the treatment needs of people of Shelu, Neral and Karjat. 

The road connectivity to/from Bhivpuri is seamless through Panvel, Navi Mumbai and NH4 through the state highway. Moreover, it also connects Bhivpuri to the other part of Thane district and Badlapur. 

As the facilities and infrastructure are limited to the necessities of people in Bhivpuri, the residential properties are priced low here. But as the demand for affordable properties is increasing rapidly among the people of Mumbai, it becomes really important for the developers to find better options to cater to the needs of all types of home buyers.

As per the residents of Bhivpuri, the climate here is really good, and people are equipped with all basic amenities. This town is still under the development process, for which the value of houses is in an affordable range. Apart from a speciality hospital, the Bhivpuri locality has good high schools, market areas and some basic facilities. 

The infrastructure might not be comparable to other posh localities of Mumbai, but it is sufficient to sustain a good life. In the future, when the development pace increases and the infrastructure improves, your house will get a spectacular value, which will multiply your ROI exceptionally. 

Insight into the Properties in Bhivpuri

Most of the 1 BHK and 2 BHK flats in Bhivpuri will cost you an average of around Rs. 20 lakhs. 2 BHK is the most common configuration of apartments that home buyers prefer in Bhivpuri. 

You get options for buying either residential houses or apartments in Bhivpuri. Breaking down in percentage, 50% of the properties in Bhivpuri are builder-floor apartments. Following that, there are 25% apartments and 25% residential houses. 

Housing is affordable in this locality, but people with luxury demands can also look for premium options. 

Some of the reputed property developers have initiated multiple projects to ensure the needs of all home buyers are met. There are many under-construction properties in Bhivpuri that have plans to offer flats or apartments with a broad budget range to cater for all needs.
People keen on buying affordable properties will definitely get their options in & around Bhivpuri. But the ones with luxury demands do not have to change their location preference, considering the availability issues.

The extensive and luxurious property prices have peaked at the price per sq. ft. of Rs. 4000 in Bhivpuri. Hence, this states that there’s no upper limit on the type of property you can avail of in this locality. 

Some projects for a glance, such as Ashar Sapphire and Kalpataru Paramount, are luxury apartment buildings with many modern amenities and facilities within their premises. 
So, Bhivpuri is picking up pace, and with all the planned developments, the real estate trend graph will peak in the locality. 

Whether you are looking for a simple 2 BHK or a duplex flat in Mumbai, especially around the Bhivpuri location, Blox can help ease your search efforts. Choose the properties you want to know more closely and book your site visit immediately. With Blox, you can finalise your home-buying decision in a concise time. So, if you have decided on your budget to buy a home in Bhivpuri, hop onto the online real estate buying platform, and pick your preferred apartments or independent houses from the list of best-in-class properties by reputed developers. 

The price movement in Bhivpuri is a good indicator for investors or end-users to expect good growth in their investment amount. With the affordability factors of Bhivpuri real estate being cherished, it is the right time for investors to put their money into it.