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4 Types of Window Glass Materials to Shun Off the Heat

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Posted on
May 23, 2023

Windows are considered to be one of the most crucial parts of a structure. And while they do help in making your house look aesthetically appealing, windows also serve a much great purpose. Yes, windows can also help you maintain a comfortable temperature indoors and limit the amount of sunlight entering your home. Today, we are going to learn about the different types of window glass materials that can help you immensely this summer season:  

1. Tinted Glass Windows

You can think of tinted windows as sunglasses for your home. These types of glass panes in a window help in providing an additional layer of shade which can significantly reduce the intensity of sunlight entering your premises. This kind of glass helps maintain a comfortable atmosphere in the space as it prevents direct sunlight from entering indoors. 

Moreover, these types are windows are available in a variety of colours, including grey, black, blue, and bronze, from which you can choose from. These hues work great for hot climates. However, it is crucial to remember that tinted glass may not be appropriate for spaces that need for a lot of natural light because it can considerably reduce the amount of light transmission.

2. Toughened Glass Windows

Tropical winds and sweltering outdoor temperatures can result in extremely harsh conditions. And this, in rare situations, could even cause cracks in your glass. Toughened glass windows are a smart choice if you want to prevent the inconvenience and regular replacement of windows. 

Toughened glass excels at thermal resistance, withstanding temperatures as high as an amazing 250 degrees Celsius. This outstanding characteristic makes sure that the glass is durable and does not crack when exposed to heat from the outside. You may easily protect your property from the harsh summer weather by choosing toughened glass windows, which offer durability and peace of mind.

3. Insulated Glass Windows 

Insulated glass can help in preserving a comfortable indoor climate during the hot summer months. Although it is most recognised for its ability to keep heat in cold climates, it also does a fantastic job of keeping dwellings cooler in hot climates. A thin layer of dry air serves as insulation between the glass sheets in an arrangement of two or more firmly bonded and sealed pieces of insulated glass. This helps in reducing heat transfer from the exterior to the inside of the house. This design significantly improves energy efficiency. As a result, even on the hottest summer days, the interior is comfortably cool.

4. Double Glazed Glass Windows

Due to the high thermal efficiency, the double-glazed window serves as a fantastic option for boosting your comfort and reducing your energy use year-round. It has a sandwich-like structure comprised of two layers of glass with a layer of gas sandwiched in between. Because of its distinctive construction, the glass can reflect infrared heat away from your home in the summer to keep it cool. On the other hand, it keeps heat inside during the cold. You may enjoy a comfortable living space while using less energy with double-glazed glass.


Picking the right window glass for your home can help you in creating a comfortable living environment indoors where you can enjoy a cool temperature and make the most of this summer season!