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5 Places You Should Place a Buddha Statue at Your Home

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Posted on
Mar 13, 2023

Buying a residential apartment is a financial decision, and turning it into a home is emotional. Our homes are where we return after a long, stressful day and find calm. These are the havens where we spend beautiful moments nourishing our families and cherishing times spent with friends and loved ones. So, the endeavour to turn our residences into aesthetically pleasing and energetically harmonious places is natural.


Most of us turn to Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui, both ancient sciences with guidelines for home design, in this effort to bring out the best in our homes and households. We often use trinkets, tools, and small statues to bring luck and harmony; one of the most common objects we use is a Buddha statue. But which are the best places to keep a Buddha statue? Let's find out.


Buddha The Eternal

Buddha represents peace, harmony, enlightenment, and prosperity. Even those of us who do not practice Buddhism or Buddhist philosophies agree that there is something quintessentially calming about the image of Buddha. Apart from residences, many offices, schools, and even public places choose to display paintings and Buddha statues prominently. When picking Buddha idols for the home, we must consider two factors – the Buddha's representation and the idol's placement. Different forms of Buddha represent various aspects of our lives. This influences our home's energies and can impact how we live.


  • Protection Buddha 

The Protection Buddha statue depicts him seated over a blooming lotus with his eyes closed in meditation. This seated Buddha idol shows his right hand raised with the palm facing outward in a blessing and the left hand extended with the palm facing upwards. This idol is believed to free us from fear, anger, jealousy, and negative emotions while offering blessings and protection at the same time. The living room, the heart of the household, is the best place to keep such a statue.


  • Dhyana Buddha or Meditating Buddha

The Dhyana Buddha, or Buddha in his meditating avatar, is representative of concentration, attention, and focus. It represents Buddha in his meditative pose and can also eliminate distractions. He sits in a double lotus pose (with the ankles of each leg placed over the knee of the other), with both hands on his lap and palms facing upwards. In some of these idols, the Buddha's eyes are half open. The best placement for such a statue is the study or home office, where you get most of the work done. However, if you meditate regularly, you should place this idol on your altar.


  • Bhumisparsha Buddha

The idol of the earth-touching Buddha is popularly referred to as Bhumisparsha. In this idol, Buddha rests one hand on his lap, palm facing upward. The other hand and fingers are pointing to the ground. In some cases, one leg of Buddha is also extended, touching the ground. The Bhumipurusha is believed to protect those in the household, and it is a good idea to keep this idol at home when you are in a tough spot. For example, if you face financial challenges, you should place this idol on top of the safe or locker where you keep your money.


Nirvana Buddha

The Nirvana Buddha or the Reclining Buddha is traditionally said to represent the time when Buddha is ready to enter Nirvana, breaking the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth. A larger version of this statue is on display in many different Buddhist temples worldwide. This signifies calm, peace, and transcendental harmony. Placing this statue in your bedroom will bring restful sleep, free from nightmares.


Medicine Buddha

The idol of Buddha in which he is depicted holding a bowl of herbs in his left hand and with the other hand extended in either a blessing pose or with the hand stretched out. This Buddha represents the great healer who keeps us healthy and ailments-free. Keeping this in the bedroom when you are undergoing a health challenge is a good idea. The head of the Buddha statue is good for those who suffer from anxiety, stress, and mental health challenges.


Things to remember – 

  • Do not place a Buddha idol on the floor. Always use a raised platform for the statue.
  • Clear the area around the Buddha statue of clutter, and always keep the corner clean and tidy.
  • Consider decorating the area around Buddha with shiny stones, small fountains, incense, and flowers. This increases the energies that the Buddha channels.
  • Do not place the Buddha statue over a shoe rack, microwave, oven, hob, or bathroom.
  • Do not place any Buddha statue in a closet or an enclosed area or near electronic devices such as televisions or music systems.


If you are keen to buy a Vastu-compliant property, enlist the help of an interior decorator who specialises in Vastu or Feng Shui and can help do up the apartment to balance the energies and bring harmony to your household. 

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