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6 Best Stone Wall Cladding Tiles Inspiration for Your Abode

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Posted on
Jul 12, 2023

Stone wall cladding has been a popular option for making the walls of a home look beautiful and stylish. The rugged appeal of these claddings helps in creating a rustic look and feel that not only jazz up the walls but also enhances their durability. It is the perfect choice for adding depth to a space while also ensuring better insulation cost-effectively.

However, to choose the right stone wall cladding tiles, it is important to first gain a better understanding of what they are.

Learning More About Stone Wall Cladding

Stone wall cladding tiles are made from a thin layer of natural or simulated stone and are used to cover the bare walls of a house. The tiles can be used on both the interior and exterior walls of a home to enhance their visual appeal and also to protect them from the elements. The most common natural stones used for creating these tiles include granite, sandstone, and slate. The tiles are attached to the walls using mortar or a strong industrial-grade adhesive to enhance their longevity.

6 Best Stone Wall Cladding Ideas

For people looking to use stone wall cladding tiles to enhance the beauty and appeal of their homes, choosing the right design idea is often the most challenging. Given below are the brief details of the ten best ideas that homeowners can implement to get the desired results.

  • Sandstone Wall Cladding

This type of cladding comprises tiles made from sandstone that are shaped like huge flat stones and are laid out in a desired formation. The tiles are attached to the wall using a layer of mortar, and any gaps are filled with tiny spherical pieces of sandstone. The cladding is suitable for giving a natural appeal to the home, and the stone façade can be stained or painted to complement the overall colour scheme.

  • Sleek Slate Wall Cladding For An Urbane Look

The tiles used in this type of wall cladding are made from slate and provide a smooth and shiny finish to the walls. The tiles are easy to clean and maintain, which keeps the walls looking beautiful for a long time. This type of cladding offers the additional benefit of low thermal conductivity, which helps in maintaining indoor temperatures, especially in areas with extreme climates. This cladding is mostly preferred by people seeking a luxurious and sophisticated look for their abode.

  • Ledgestone Wall Cladding

The Ledgstone cladding is known for protecting the walls against the deteriorating effects of weather and exposure to natural elements. These stone wall cladding tiles are made from a combination of granite and limestone. The cladding is most suitable for use on external walls as it not only enhances their life but also improves their appearance by minimising the impact of water damage and paint fading. 

  •  White Palimanan Wall Tile

The white Palimanan wall tiles are made from ceramic and are known for their smooth and shiny appearance. It adds a unique sense of charm to the walls and is suitable for use in a wide variety of spaces. The tiles do not require much upkeep and add a natural appeal and feel to the home.  The tiles do not become discoloured with time which makes them a suitable choice for uplifting outdoor walls and creating a lasting impression.    

  • Black Subway Stone Wall Cladding

The smooth glossy surface of the Black Subway stone wall cladding makes it suitable for creating a rich, luxurious feel. The tiles are made from granite, marble, or limestone and are extremely easy to clean and maintain. These tiles offer high resistance to damage from external conditions and are extremely durable and long-lasting. The tiles are preferred for use in more formal spaces such as the living room and dining room of a house.

  •  Travertine Stone Cladding

Made from natural travertine stone, these cladding tiles are known for their unique composition and veining. They prove extremely effective in creating walls with beautiful accents in a wide range of colours and patterns. The tiles create the look and appeal of wood panelling and also offer the benefit of great durability and resistance to elements, thus enhancing the life of the walls.


Stone wall cladding tiles can change the look of a house and make it more elegant and attractive. The above-discussed design ideas can help to further improve the appeal and value of the home.