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7 Popular Indian Bathroom Designs to Choose

Blox Social
Posted on
Oct 16, 2023

Coming home after a stressful and tiring day at work has to be the best feeling you experience, apart from the long, warm shower in your bathroom or the indulgence of a Sunday spent with the latest beauty treatment trend. See where this is going? Bathrooms often tend to be ignored in interior design, but getting the décor and ambience right will make all the difference to how you feel at home.

Here are seven Indian bathroom design ideas you will love for your home.

  1. Steel and mirror sensation – If you like your bathrooms all swanky and sparkly, opt for the stainless steel and mirror Indian bathroom design. This is a favourite because it takes minimal effort to maintain the stainless-steel fixtures, mirrors, glass and other reflective surfaces. Stainless steel showers, taps, and trimmings are both inexpensive and readily available in Indian markets as well. Moreover, these are rust-resistant and durable and do not require repairs or replacement for several years.
  2. All-white or not – White, off-white, cream, and beige are popular bathroom colour choices. If you are looking for a marble countertop and white ceramic or porcelain fixtures, this is the perfect choice for you. All white or patterned laminate cupboards can also add to the white theme. White walls and counter spaces help you clean better and reflect natural light, making your bathroom look bigger. To add personality to your space, incorporate colourful wall art or planters for a pleasing contrast.
  3. Wicker wonder – Indian bathroom designs often avoid using wood due to the high natural humidity, particularly in coastal cities like Mumbai. If you love the look and feel of wood, though, using moisture-resistant laminates can be a good idea. Additionally, using cane or wicker baskets of various sizes can be a great way to organize towels and personal items such as shampoos and conditioners. When teamed up with a soft pastel colour scheme, your laminate and cane décor can stand out and create a beautiful space.
  4. Oasis in one – Many people call their bathroom their oasis as it is a place where they can take long showers, indulge in a beauty regimen, and spend some relaxing time alone. To add to this sense of calm, serenity and peace, you can opt for a green foliage-themed wallpaper to create a comfortable environment. You can also add small houseplants that require low sunlight and high humidity to enhance the beauty of your bathroom further. Accessorize with green towels and shower curtains to match.
  5. Artsy space – Turn your bathroom into a quirky but wonderful space with a lot of glitter and glamour. Install an accent wall in deep purple or dark red, put up fabric art, and turn it into a gallery of framed anime posters. Let your imagination run wild with this design. Pick out artwork or quirky bath accessories that will surprise your guests. Add a large mirror with a neon backlight frame, porcelain soap holders in quirky shapes, and mix-n-match décor for an eclectic touch.
  6. Back to the roots – Turn to a traditional Indian bathroom design with brassware and rangoli art. Paint an elaborate dot kolam design on a bright wall. Use a large mirror with a brass or copper frame or a wooden frame painted with Madhubani motifs. Use glass tumblers, pots, and urlis to hold your towels, brushes, and articles of personal use. Add a jute mat to the floor and some terracotta planters to get the rustic charm going.
  7. Colours and patterns – If you love colours and patterns, make your bathroom your canvas and let your imagination run wild. Install a Turkish multicolour patterned basin and coloured sanitaryware in your bathroom. Amp up the vibe with stained glass lanterns, glass holders and décor and pretty patterned shower curtains. This bathroom can be as vivid, colourful and bright as your imagination.

The bathroom is a highly personal area, and it is crucial not to be restricted by any rules or restrictions. You can check out various design options online and explore websites such as Pinterest to discover one that meets your requirements and space dimensions. If you need more clarification, you can consult an interior design specialist with your ideas.