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Elevate Your Simple Bathroom Design With These Hacks

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Posted on
Sep 27, 2023

Buying a home, a flat, or a residential apartment in a city like Mumbai is a major financial investment. Most homebuyers require financing in the form of home loans, and this makes it important to budget for monthly EMI payments. However, every homeowner dreams of beautiful interiors when moving into their new home. Getting functional and aesthetically pleasing interiors does not necessarily entail a large expenditure. Making simple design changes and using materials innovatively can make your home look elegant and sophisticated.

Here are some simple design hacks you can use to give your bathroom a very sophisticated look.

  • Stick-on tiles – Tiles add to the glamour and beauty of every space, from the kitchen backsplash to the corridor walls. The backdrop of your bathroom mirror and dressing area has to be done up with tiles, right? You can pick a low-budget alternative that looks just as good and can be easily replaced to uprise your middle-class bathroom design. Self-adhesive PVC wallpaper comes in a variety of colours and designs. From Moroccan designs to marble, exposed brick designs to stone mosaic finish - pick just the right style, texture, and colour to suit your bathroom design.
  • Lighting right – Gone are the days when bathrooms are the dark, damp corners of the home. A brightly lit bathing and dressing area is always beautiful, but designer lamps and fixtures are indeed very expensive. Is there an inexpensive alternative that can give your bathroom the same look at a fraction of the cost? Stick-on LED lamps are the perfect way to light up a space, add warmth, and make it look bright without tipping the budget. If you are keen on chandeliers, go bargain shopping at the local thrift store and install colour-changing LED bulbs in these.
  • Accent wall for the bathroom – Adding an accent wall is a great way to give your living space a new look. However, have you ever considered adding one to your bathroom? Since bathrooms are where we spend time relaxing during long showers and beauty treatments, they could use a touch of creativity. Choose a plain, unadorned wall, grab some paintbrushes and let your imagination run wild. You can paint anything that catches your eye, from an anime-inspired design to a floral motif. This simple addition can add a burst of colour and fun to your bathroom space.
  • Cane magic - If you want to add a touch of sophistication and elegance to your bathroom design, consider skipping the metal fixtures and adding cane baskets instead. These baskets can hold a variety of bathroom supplies while adding a classy element to the decor. Fill the baskets with items such as hand towels, shampoos, cleansers, bath oils, and scented candles to create a luxurious bathroom experience. Additionally, cane baskets are an inexpensive and easy-to-replace option for organising your bathroom essentials.
  • Backlit mirrors – Mirrors with touch sensors are perfect for bathrooms as they provide proper lighting for dressing up, cleansing your face, or drying and setting your hair. However, the high cost of such mirrors makes them impractical for middle-class bathroom designs. But there is a solution - invest in a good-quality mirror and fix an LED rope light discreetly behind the edges of the mirror. Although this method may not work with touch, it will still provide the same effect and function. The only downside is that it will need to be connected to a power outlet.

Interior designing experts will tell you that expense does not always translate into elegance when it comes to interior design. Creativity plays an important part in elevating the aesthetics of your home. One of the ways this can be done is by focusing on the parts of the home that are quite often ignored. The bathroom and the kitchen are two such spaces. Use simple hacks and DIY crafts to get the bathroom of your dreams and impress your guests without having to go over budget. 

It is important to remember that sunlight, regular cleaning, and care go a long way when it comes to maintaining your bathroom. Consider adding fresh flowers in a vase or using an essential oil diffuser in your bathroom to keep it looking bright and smelling fresh.