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A Detailed Look Into Mukesh Ambani's Estimated 15,000 Crore Home Antilia

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Posted on
Aug 18, 2023

Mukesh Dhirubhai Ambani is the chairman and managing director of Reliance Industries. With an estimated net worth of USD 83.4 billion, he ranks ninth on the Forbes World's Billionaires List 2023 and tops the list among Asians. While young entrepreneurs and business administrators the world over study Mukesh Ambani's professional growth, leadership, and vision, the Ambani family's lavish lifestyle is the subject matter of much awe and enthusiastic chatter as well. From Nita Ambani's gold-embroidered sarees to Isha Ambani's diamond-crusted belts, from Anant Ambani's Cartier panther brooch to Shloka Ambani's designer outfits - we love to learn more about everything the Ambanis own.

Antilia – The Crown Jewel

Topping the list of the Ambanis' extravagant and opulent possessions is Antilia, the family home in Altamont Road, Mumbai. Estimated to have a market value of INR 15,000 crores, Antilia is among the most expensive private residences in the world. In 2014, Forbes Magazine published a list of the most expensive billionaire homes in the world and the Ambanis' 400,000 square-foot home, named after a mythical island, topped the list. While it no longer holds this spot, Antilia remains one of the most admired and awe-inspiring residences and a symbol of immense private wealth. Let us explore this magnificent home and find answers to questions like "How many floors are there in the Ambani house?" and "How many people are required to maintain Antilia?"

Designing an architectural marvel

The awe-inspiring residential property of India, Antilia, was designed by two renowned architectural companies in the United States of America - Perkins & Will and Hirsch Bedner Associates. It is believed that Nita Ambani, Mukesh Ambani's wife, decided to contract these companies after having been captivated by the interiors of the Mandarin Oriental in New York, which they also designed. The hotel was later acquired by the Ambanis in the year 2022 in a USD 98 million deal. The Ambanis received construction approval from the municipal corporation of Mumbai in 2003, and the work commenced three years later. Leighton Asia and BE Billimoria and Company Ltd led the construction work on this spectacular building. Construction work was completed in 2010, and the family moved in the following year after a grand 10-day-long griha pravesh puja.

How many floors are there in the Ambani house?

Antilia is a 570 feet tall structure and has about 27 stories. On average, buildings of a comparable height have about 60 floors, but the designers gave the home high ceilings and fewer floors. The design of Antilia showcases very Indian traditional motifs, such as the sun and the lotus. This towering, magnificent structure has three rooftop helipads, a car park that spreads over six floors and a movie theatre that can accommodate up to 50 people. The highlight of the Ambani residence is the hanging gardens spread over three floors. The luxurious lifestyle of this family is showcased by the stately ballroom and snow room that is part of Antilia. The home has a world-class health centre, an Olympic-length indoor swimming pool, a yoga studio, and a fitness centre. Although it has a distinct design and is quite tall, Antilia's construction is structurally sound and can withstand an earthquake of magnitude eight on the Richter scale.

The stand-out elements of Antilia

Mukesh and Nita Ambani's stunning home is an iconic landmark in the teeming metropolis of Mumbai. The house in Cumbala Hills, Mumbai, is located in one of the poshest residential neighbourhoods of the city. The Ambani home offers stunning views of the Arabian Sea. The interiors of this extravagant home are magnificent. The use of crystals, pearls, marble and metal is extensive, and gold, beige, and cream are the dominant colours. The one striking feature of the Ambani home is the sweeping circular staircases that connect the different floors. Antilia is serviced by a staff 600 who also have residential quarters in this home.

Other expensive properties of the Ambanis

Apart from Antilia, the Ambanis own several high-end properties across the world. In 2021, they bought the iconic 300-acre Stoke Park Estate in Buckinghamshire. The 529 crore property includes a 49-bedroom property with marble bathrooms, a 4000 square-foot fitness centre, an indoor swimming pool, three restaurants, 13 tennis courts, and a 27-hole golf course.

In 2022, the Ambanis acquired an INR 1,349.60 crore sea-facing villa on Dubai's Palm Jumeirah Island. It is one of the most expensive properties on the island and has a private spa and jacuzzi, a gym, and indoor and outdoor pools.

Before moving into Antilia, the Ambani family lived in Sea Wind apartments in Cuffe Parade. Mukesh Ambani and his brother own the entire 17-story apartment building.