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A Look into Mukesh Ambani's Luxurious Antilia

Blox Social
Posted on
Mar 9, 2023

It is next to impossible to picture any discussion of luxury housing without mentioning Antilia. After all, luxury housing has been synonymous with Antilia ever since the discussion of its being made headlines.

Antilia is where the Indian billionaire businessman Mukesh Ambani lives with his family.

Perched on a dream location, the Altamound Road on the picturesque Cumbala Hill, the luxury house dazzles in the Mumbai skyline. The construction commenced in 2006, and the mansion was ready in 2010. However, the luxury house is still as much of a hot topic of discussion as it was then. Even though the building was ready to move in 2010, the Ambanis moved in only in 2012. Until 2011, the Ambanis used to return to their previous house, Sea Wind, in Cuffe Parade, after hosting events in the new house. After the Buckingham palace of London, Antilia is the most expensive residential property in the world. 

The tale of Antilia looks the way it does, traces back to one of Nita Ambani's visits to London. It so happened that Nita was relaxing at a spa at the Mandarin Oriental, where the interiors caught her attention. Impressed, she inquired about the designers behind them and ultimately picked up the same set of designers for their abode. Following this, Chicago-based Architecture firm Perkins & Will was appointed. Incredibly designed as it is, Antilia can withstand an earthquake of magnitude 8 on the Richter scale. 

1. Parking for 168 Cars

The Ambanis love to host and do so frequently; the special guests witness this beauty's charm. Hence, there had to be room for cars. As many as 168 cars can be parked simultaneously in the abode. 

2. The Lotus and the Sun

On the inside, Antilia is perhaps even more stunning. Seeking inspiration from the Lotus and Sun, creative interpretations of the same have been employed in the interiors. They can be spotted in the entirety of the building in the form of crystals, marble, and mother-of-pearl. 

3. Each Floor is Unique  

Each time a picture of Antilia does circles on the internet, beige, brown, and golden-hued visuals can be seen. It dazzles with intricate details and golden hues. Each floor in the billionaire modern luxury house is unique. There is no repetition. The colour palette of the multimillionaire abode is largely dotted with soothing pastel colours. 

4. A Floor Solely for Entertainment Facilities

The eighth floor of the Ambani mansion is dedicated to entertainment facilities. It has swimming pools, a spa, a jacuzzi, a yoga centre, a dance studio, a salon, a health centre, an ice cream parlour, and a private movie theatre that can house up to 50 individuals in one sitting. Additionally, the theatre has a wine room and snack bar. 

5. An Elegant Ballroom

As the Ambanis host often, having an elegant ballroom inside the billionaire modern luxury house was only natural. 80% of the ceiling of this gorgeous ballroom is covered in sweeping crystal chandeliers. With a stunning silver-covered dual railing staircase that leads to a central landing, it also has stages for performances with green rooms, powder rooms, and an indoor/outdoor bar. A retractable showcase for artwork and monitors, and embedded speakers is also provided.  

6. Not Your Ordinary ‘Bathroom’

Be it the bedroom or the bathroom, or the inside of the Antilia; every space is done up tastefully. Where everything is so thoughtful and tasteful, it is no wonder that the bath is a design marvel, too. In one of the bathrooms, a special Gingko-leaf sink is provided. Gingko is a plant, the leaves of which are such that their stems channel water into the bowl shape fashioned naturally by the leaf basket. 

7. An Astounding Temple

Fashioned in beige and golden hues, the temple of the Ambani house has domes with finials, statues in marble, metal, and intricate textured walls. The beautiful temple of Antilia is an architectural masterpiece in itself. 

8. Beating the Heat with a One of Its Kind ‘Snow Room’

Antilia also has a unique snow room, the walls of which disperse artificial snowflakes.  

9. Ornate Mirrors, Dreamy Crystal Chandeliers, and High Ceilings

Gorgeous is an understatement for the tastefully chosen crystal chandeliers. Splendid mirrors and dreamy chandelier finds are omnipresent in the Ambanis' abode. Its extra high ceilings add to its grandeur. The unconventionally high ceilings of Antilia are always a point of wonder since any other building of the same height would easily have 60 floors, but Antilia has 27.

10. ‘Plants’ Inside-Out

Be it Antilia's interior or exterior, one constant element is greens. The Ambani house is leafy throughout. Natural greens dot the entirety of the mansion in the form of hydroponic plants on the outside, green walls, parapets, and grass-clad floors. The highlight of it all is the three gorgeous Hanging Gardens inspired by the ones of Babylon. 

11. Stunning Crockery – All the Way from Sri Lanka

Nita Ambani is an art collector with a fantastic eye for detail, as evident from her massive crockery shopping list and specificity of place. In 2010 when their house was ready to move, it was said that Nita ordered 25000 pieces of Noritake Chinaware from Sri Lanka. A 106-year-old Japanese brand, Noritake's 22-carat gold and platinum-trimmed porcelain crockery are world-famous, and Nita Ambani seemed no exception. 

12. Indian at Heart and in Spirit

Envisioning a space where the Indian touch was a crucial ingredient, The Ambanis included elements from various countries but never let the touch of Indianness fade away. The abode has many lounging areas, each with a distinctive décor style and the finest Indian woven rugs and sofas. 

There is grandeur, and then there is Antilia, a slice of paradise in all true senses of the world!