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Everything You Need to Know About 5 by 7 Bathroom Design

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Posted on
Aug 17, 2023

When it comes to designing bathrooms, sizing and arrangement play a major role. A smartly planned layout can make a small space seem bigger and more spacious. Taking out some time to plan the layout of your bathroom can offer you both comfort and convenience. 

Today, we are going to talk about 5 by 7 bathroom designs that will help you pick the one that fits all your needs and requirements perfectly. Although these small bathrooms may have their own challenges, we have come up with some special designs that will make the most of your space.

We also have a handful of tips to help you organise your bathroom for a more capacious look. 

Single-Wall Arrangement

One of the simplest and most budget-friendly choices for a 5 by 7 bathroom is the single-wall layout. In this arrangement, all the fixtures are lined up along one wall. This helps in freeing up the remaining space and creating a spacious look. This setup is perfect for compact bathrooms with limited room. 

Two-Wall Arrangement

Another popular pick for a 5 by 7 bathroom is the two-wall layout. In this kind of arrangement, the sink and toilet seat occupy one wall, while the shower or bathtub sits on the opposite side. This might look good to some people if they do not like everything crammed up on one side. This arrangement opens more storage possibilities, resulting in a more functional bathroom.

Three-Wall Arrangement

For optimal functionality and comfort in a 5 by 7 bathroom, the three-wall layout shines. Placing the sink and toilet on one wall, the shower or bathtub on the opposite, and a storage unit or linen closet on the third wall creates a harmonious space. This 5 by 7 bathroom design also helps maximise the storage space while also ensuring a comfortable and practical bathroom experience.

How can I visually expand my 5 by 7 bathroom?

To make your 5 by 7 bathroom seem larger, try these ideas:

  • Pick light colours for the walls and floor to make it feel open and airy.
  • Use a big mirror to bounce light around and make it seem like there is more space.
  • Go for a pedestal sink, which takes up less floor space than a vanity.
  • Put in a clear glass door for the shower so it feels more open.
  • Use hidden lights in the ceiling to make it look tidy and less crowded.

Is a 5 by 7 bathroom sufficiently spacious?

Yes, a 5 by 7 bathroom does its job, but it's not very big. To use this size well, smart planning and design decisions matter. If you arrange things carefully and use good design ideas, you can create a bathroom that works well and looks nice in this smaller area.

Does a 5 by 7 bathroom qualify as small?

Yep, a 5 by 7 bathroom is definitely on the smaller side. Even though it's a common size for bathrooms in lots of houses, it can be a bit tricky due to the small space. But don't worry, with the right design ideas; you can still make a good-looking and useful bathroom in this size.

Ideal Flooring for a 5 by 7 Bathroom

For the floor of a 5 by 7 bathroom, using tiles is a great idea. Tiles are really strong, can handle moisture well, and are easy to take care of. People often like using porcelain or ceramic tiles because they don't let the water soak in, which helps a lot in a bathroom where things can get wet.

Optimal Lighting for a 5 by 7 Bathroom

In a 5 by 7 bathroom, using lights that are set into the ceiling is a great idea. These lights make the bathroom look neat and roomy. You can put them in special spots, like above the shower or the sink, to make those areas stand out. If you also have a light in the middle of the ceiling, it makes sure the whole bathroom is well-lit.


Creating a nice 5 by 7 bathroom design might be a bit tough, but with careful planning and smart design choices, you can totally make it work well and look good. No matter if you choose to arrange things along one wall, two walls, or differently, your imagination can really make this small bathroom into something great.