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5 Factors to Keep in Mind While Choosing Artwork For Your Home Office

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Posted on
May 17, 2023

The trend of working from home had already taken off by the time the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted our lives. However, with the onset of remote working models, it has now become imperative for professionals and entrepreneurs to create home office spaces. A home office is essentially part of your home and offers you all the benefits of avoiding unnecessary, long commutes, but it also demands a pleasing space where your clients can walk in and get a sense of the vibrance, creativity, and competence you bring into your work.

Challenges of decorating a home office

Picking out artwork for your home office and placing it right can be challenging. A workspace is inherently different from your residential area because you have less freedom to be quirky. While a couple of select family photos on the work desk are acceptable, most of the artwork in your home office should be well-considered and neutral. The home office should exude professionalism without feeling cold or impersonal. Let us look at some tips for picking the right artwork for your home office.

Professionalism with Aesthetics - The Home Office Challenge

1. Pick unintrusive artwork

Remember you are creating a professional environment and not displaying the artwork. Do not pick out pieces that stand out or draw excess attention. The artwork should enhance and complement the warmth of the home office space and not take the focus away from the business at hand. Abstracts and framed digital prints are better than portraits or landscapes.

2. Placement is king 

When it comes to doing up your home office, placement is everything. The wall above your workspace is likely to attract the most attention. Placing a picture of you receiving an award or accolade can be a good visual reiteration of your expertise. A side shelf with books, other trophies or awards, and appealing statues or pictures will help eliminate the floor clutter and use vertical spaces to your best advantage.

3. Size matters

Home offices are usually built into the smallest room in the flat or apartment. Small curios, trinkets, and souvenirs are a no-no when designing your home office. Small pieces of artwork tend to make the room smaller. Conversely, the bigger the piece of art, the better it is. It provides the illusion of space and makes the room look bigger.  

4. Look at layering

Your home office often reflects your creative skills. Use the positive impact of green plants on potential clients and collaborators. A plant could partially obscure a large piece of abstract painting, but this only provides more depth to the room. Layering also makes it necessary to use lighting to your best advantage. Use natural and artificial lights to minimise shadows and dark spots.

5. Avoid wordy posters

One of the cardinal rules for designing an office space is to avoid showstoppers. Artwork or posters with lengthy or wordy content should always be avoided. A small, quirky quote can be used to your advantage, but sarcasm, political sayings, and religious symbols are best avoided as they may be off-putting for potential clients. A poster with a motivational quote or a picture of an inspirational business leader can add to the appeal of the home office.

Creating a home office is both an art and a science. Approaching it from a discerning viewpoint can add to the beauty of the space without taking away from the professional ambience. Art can be your best tool in creating an attractive yet dynamic space, but it requires practice and skill.