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How is Blox Aiming To Revolutionise Online Real Estate

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Posted on
Dec 7, 2022

Buying a flat or apartment and transforming it into a home – while this may be one of the most anticipated dreams for many, it is also fraught with a number of stress points. Indeed, deciding on a reliable developer, finding a project that brings together beauty and amenities, verifying the permits and documents, managing the finances, and getting through with the buying process can be one of the most stressful processes. Blox, India's one-of-a-kind tech-powered online portal, has set out to make this home-buying journey a joyful and effortless one with its fully integrated digital technology and seamless service.
Leveraging the best of technology – You can bank, shop, buy groceries, and even work through mobile and internet platforms and apps. So why not buy your next real estate online in India? The Blox experience is built around technology and innovation, helping you go from looking for the right project to buying your dream property in 7 clicks. Making the very best of ML and AI tools, this revolutionary platform recommends projects that are tailor-made to suit your needs and preferences. Also leveraging the best of technology, virtual site tours are organised - just what homebuyers need to save time and effort before settling on the right projects to visit physically. In addition, the online document verification and sale process is a future-forward step in India's real estate sector.
Shining the spotlight on the buyer – Blox is a first-of-a-kind consumer-centric real estate platform in India. A delightful customer experience is at the very heart of the Blox philosophy. Coming from a sector in which brokers and intermediaries have traditionally played an important role, the platform is now geared to restore market power to the homebuyer. 
Every customer who looks to buy a property through Blox is assigned a relationship manager. This RM brings to the table his/her expertise in the locality and showcases the best available projects in these neighbourhoods. With a clear understanding of your needs as a buyer, the RM handholds you through the entire process. From arranging site visits and virtual tours to document verification and from financing to registration, the Blox RM is the guide you can bank on through your home-buying journey. In addition, the Blox journey comes at zero fees for the prospective homebuyer, doing away with the need to bear heavy brokerages and commissions.
The best of the best – Blox has tied up with some of the very best real estate developers to bring you premium properties. If you are looking for real estate online in India and want to do away with broker listings, Blox is the perfect way to connect directly with some of the top developers like Dynamix and the Lodha Group. Blox has a portfolio comprising only authenticated and certified projects which are also RERA registered. The information on the site is credible and has been received from the developers directly, so you don’t have to do that extra bit of research to verify the genuinity of a project yourself. This innovative platform aims to pick projects that suit your aspirations in a dream home

Changing the real estate landscape 
The real estate scene in India, particularly the home-buying link of the food chain, is dominated by brokers. Other real estate sites act merely as online classified platforms with no real value addition to the home buyer. Blox is all set to change this dynamic with end-to-end support for the homebuyer. 
Investing in a residential property is one of the most important financial and family decisions. Unfortunately, this is mired by a number of exhausting decisions and perplexing choices, and customers are often left at the deep end without access to adequate resources and help. Blox simplifies the process and handles these challenges with its personalised relationship management services, digital technology, expert solutions, and complete transparency. As a result, the platform envisions a delightful journey for home buyers. Moreover, the permits, document verification, and online property booking services available through this platform have made it easier to buy flats in Mumbai without having to question the project's authenticity or the process.