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Taking You into Lisa Ray's Homes in Bandra

Blox Social
Posted on
May 24, 2023

A Canadian/Bollywood actress, model, and philanthropist, Lisa Ray, shares her abode with her beloved husband, Jason Dehni, in Bandra, Mumbai. Blessed with two beautiful children named Sufi and Soleil via surrogacy, the couple look forward to many blissful moments and memories in their plush residence. Through their shared moments and cherished experiences, they illuminate the world with their warmth, love, and unwavering dedication to one another. Today, we get a peek into Lisa Ray's home in Bandra:

Lisa's Expectations For Her Abode 

Lisa desired her home to reflect her inner journey. She contemplated merging three rooms into two, creating a layout that resonated with the simplicity she experienced in monasteries in California and ashrams in India. 

Above all, her home must serve as a sanctuary, a space where she can heal and rejuvenate. In her words, her abode should be a tangible representation of the quote by Irish playwright Samuel Beckett: "I can't go on. I'll go on."

Siddharth Dhanvant Shanghvi’s Contribution

On visiting author Siddharth's house in Goa, Lisa immediately felt a strong urge to collaborate with the former on her recently acquired apartment in Bandra, Mumbai. Siddharth's home had a pleasing aesthetic, with cement floors and high ceilings that caught her attention. However, what truly captivated them was the profound sense of tranquillity, reminiscent of a monastery, yet with intriguing elements. 

This was the exact kind of design spirit she was searching for – a humble approach that creatively shaped local materials in a beautifully understated manner, creating a sense of pure magic. 

Siddharth proposed an approach rooted in storytelling and conversations to transform Lisa Ray's home in Bandra – the 2,500 sq. ft condo.

Notable Features of Lisa's Home

There are quite a few mesmerising spots in Lisa Ray's home in Bandra. One is the captivating forest wallpaper imported from Paris, which Siddharth had previously used on a site outside Rome. Also, the furniture is sourced from Rajasthan, which requires no further embellishments. The carefully selected artwork by Souza— further adds up to the charm of the place. 

Some eye-catchy elements instituted by Siddharth, enhancing the artistic and earthy aura of the space, are the standing vintage fan from Anemos and the mirror installation on the wall.

The award-winning author also helped create a writer's nook and a breakfast table of marble-topped carved material sourced from Oshiwara, Mumbai. The only graphic elements in this monotone scenario are the tall cups and pitchers from Colombo.


The spacious veranda has a custom sofa that offers the perfect perch for recreation and soaking in green surroundings. The space also consists of black wire stools brought from Bengaluru, coupled with an ostrich egg-shaped planter purchased from Cape Town, South Africa, which hangs by the large glass windows. There is also long cream-fixed seating with tasselled cushions, adding a rustic yet chirpy vibe. 


The kitchen is designed with a captivating colour scheme of cool grey Milanese tones, creating a visually appealing ambience. To further enhance the kitchen's uniqueness, a custom brick island is a standout element, providing both functionality and charm. 

Master Bedroom

Lisa's bedroom showcases a distressed bed and table lamp sourced from Goa, while all the linens were custom designed and brought from Jaipur. The aged trunk, also from the pink city, adds a touch of character. 


Lisa Ray's home in Bandra is truly an artistic masterpiece. With so many exotic and authentic pieces sourced from all across the world, this abode is one-of-a-kind in so many ways!


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