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Vastu for Balcony: 11 Tips to Keep In Mind

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Posted on
Feb 27, 2023

Only a few living in urban cities have the luxury of a balcony in their houses, courtesy of the scarcity of space and the high-priced real estate. Nonetheless, considering the buyer’s need to have open space to enjoy the benefits of nature, builders have incorporated changes to ensure a patio-like area in flats. While building world-class infrastructure, the metro cities have significantly harmed Mother Nature, resulting in growing pollution, the absence of greenery, and an unhealthy environment, especially for future generations.  

However, the real estate industry today is much more sensitive towards this subject, adopting eco-friendly ways of construction, allocating space for gardens in societies, and, lastly, installing open areas in houses in the form of balconies. Open spaces in the homes add to health benefits like better air circulation and serve as a source of positive energies, incredibly if Vastu compliant, for which you can look at some of the tips in the blog.  

The complete guide of Vastu for balcony

1. Vastu direction for balcony

For a balcony to be Vastu compliant, it should be in the east, north, or northeast directions of your home. These pathways ensure the maximum utilisation of sun entering the residence, helping bring positivity and prosperity. The secondary option for placing the balconies could be in the south or southeast. However, they should not be south or west sides of the property.

2. Rooftop of the balcony

As per the Vastu experts, one should have a slanting roof for the balcony, which slopes down to the north or east directions. Having the balcony’s roof lower than the house's roof is another norm that one could follow, helping the sunlight enter your home without any obstruction. Avoid using materials such as asbestos or tin. 

3. Colours suggested as per Vastu

Stick to lighter shades when painting the balcony, such as muted pinks, blues, earthy tones of subtle beige, white, and lighter shades of green. These colours infuse positive energies into your homes and are Vastu-compliant.

4. Placement of furniture in balcony

Balconies serve as a great place to relax and unwind for your family members, enjoying a cup of tea or coffee in the mornings while soaking in the sun and reading a book. Thus arises the need to install the necessary furniture. Given their ability to invite positivity, you can place some chairs and tables in the south or west corners. 

5. Swings directions as per Vastu

Swings act as a great accessory to the decor of your balcony. Hence, placing a cane hanging swing chair wouldn’t be a bad idea. Nevertheless, ensure it is Vastu compliant by placing it facing the north or south direction, considered auspicious by many. 

6. Location of a fountain

Whether small or large, water fountains play an essential role in inviting wealth and abundance to your homes. As per Vastu studies, the water body should face northeast as it helps bring a calm and meditative vibe to your surroundings.

7. Vastu tips for plants

Vastu experts indicate that plants in the balcony help bring positive vibrations into your home. The preferred direction for having greenery in your balconies is the south and west, regarded as the best spots to receive sunlight. However, stay precautious of having tall plants and creepers. The preferred choices are usually flowering pots with a variety of colourful flowers. 

8. Vastu tips for lights

As per Vastu norms, you should never sit in darkness in the balcony or an unlit balcony as it represents bad fortune and is considered inauspicious. Soothing lights are ideal for balconies, providing a calm and peaceful environment. 

9. Decoration tips

  • Make sure to keep the balcony clean, hygienic, and clutter-free.
  • A Buddha statue, especially if facing the northeast, attracts positive energies.
  • To maximise the air circulation, choose a balcony grill or railing with glass, as Vastu recommends.
  • Placing a wind chime helps make the environment calm and soothing. Hanging bells is another way of attracting happiness and prosperity into our homes. 

10. Shape of the balcony as per Vastu consultants

The ideal shape for the balcony should be square or rectangular. Steer away from circular and polygonal shape types. According to Vastu consultants, the balconies and walls should meet at the right angles. 

11. Remedies for balconies in the west or southwest directions

While Vastu suggests no patios constructed in the west, solutions exist, such as placing a Vastu pyramid on both sides of the entrance, drawing or using stickers of swastika or Om on both sides of the balcony. 
In the case of southwest directions, use sliding windows, and hang yellow or golden colour curtains. Another way to counter negative vibes is placing pebbles and crystals in the balcony. These remedies could help reduce Vastu dosha.

Hopefully, this blog has served as a guide to having the perfect balcony, providing the best health benefits and hacks to bring positivity and prosperity.