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Vastu for Duplex Homes: Do’s and Don’ts

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Posted on
Feb 19, 2023

A property affordable for the wealthy and prosperous segment of society, duplex homes offer their owners a spacious and lavish lifestyle. Simply put, this property type consists of two units in the same building that share a common wall. However, the floor plan may vary, with the units either being stacked on top of one another or sideways. There mainly exists three types of duplexes, such as the following.

  • Ground Duplex House
  • Standard Duplex House
  • Low Rise Duplex

Duplex houses offer a series of advantages, catering to the luxurious lifestyle of the buyers.

  • Offers privacy: The ideal solution for big/joint families, duplexes provide every member with their personal space and privacy. At the same time, everyone can live under one roof itself.
  • Affordability: This may sound surprising to many, but duplexes are more budgeted when compared to flats offering the same area and price, making the former a wiser decision.
  • Renting out a unit: A duplex could provide an additional source of income for its owners, as a unit of the house can be rented out, given the large area. At the same time, there will be little monitoring of tenants required due to the proximity of flats. 
  • Additional space: The extra space could serve many benefits for the members of the house, using the space for office work, meetings, and the kids’ playroom.

With the buyer investing so much of their resources, they wouldn’t want any form of negative energies or misfortune to be present. Here comes the role of Vastu, ensuring things are aligned and placed in the proper directions. 

Here are the Do’s and Don’ts for Duplex Vastu

1. Duplex home entrance 

According to Vastu, a duplex home should face the east or north, as it will protect your family from all sorts of mishaps and bring wealth. Avoid having the door in the southwest direction. There should not be any kind of obstruction or barrier in the doorway.

2. Vastu for Duplex Rooms

The bedroom is a crucial component in the home buyer’s decision, making it necessary to be Vastu compliant. The bedroom should be built on the first floor to provide adequate privacy and independence.

3. Vastu for Pooja Room in Duplexes

India is a religious country and a true seeker of spirituality. Poojas and Aartis are regular customs in many homes, making it necessary to have an area designated for this. According to Vastu experts, the Pooja room should face northeast and maintain optimum hygiene levels. Make sure this space of worship isn’t south facing.

4. Vastu for Study Room in Duplexes

A study room should be in a relatively quieter place on the property to focus and stay calm. Vastu suggests the study room should be on the first floor of the duplex, with the south direction to be avoided at all costs.

5. Placement of plants in Duplexes

The ideal space for plants in a duplex is the first floor of the duplex. You can place them on the balcony of your house, aiding in a greener environment and bringing positive energy to your home. 

6. The direction of windows in Duplexes

Windows play a crucial role in our homes, not only in terms of ventilation but also bringing in a lot of positive energy. Hence, placing proper windows would help drive away negative energies from the house. Steer away from the southwest direction when it comes to them. 

7. Vastu for staircases

Staircases play a vital role in the interiors and decor of the house. According to Vastu experts, the staircases should be in the south direction of the duplex, and there shouldn’t be any rooms beneath the stairs.

8. The colour of the front gate

Vastu studies suggest the front gate colour of your duplex house should be silver, wood, or white. However, the main gate should not have dark colours, red, dark blue, and black, as they give the property a dim and negative appeal.

9. Washrooms, toilets, and septic tanks

Believed to associate with negative energies, the washrooms, toilets, and septic tanks should be placed in the northeast direction of the duplex. Nonetheless, they should not be anywhere near the duplex’s entrance.

10. The bedroom for elders should be on the first floor

To avoid too much use of the staircase and unnecessary movement, the bedroom for elders should be on the first floor for better access. There is a more peaceful and quiet environment as well, making it the perfect place for the elders of the house. 

11. Placing a Buddha statue 

Setting up a Buddha statue in your house would help bring a peaceful environment into your home. According to Vastu studies, the Buddha statue should be placed at the entrance of your duplex, serving as a source of prosperity.

Therefore, while you’ll be spending a packet on interior designing and the architecture of your duplex, don’t forget to consult a Vastu consultant, as nothing is worth the happiness of the home.  

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