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Wallscapes of Wonder: Elevating Elegance with Unconventional Living Room Panelling Concepts

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Posted on
Jan 9, 2024

Wall panelling isn't just about looks—it brings life to boring walls, giving them depth and texture. Plus, it is a classy backdrop for your furniture and artwork. Whether you're into the clean look of Scandinavian whitewashed boards or love the boldness of painted accent walls, panelling can easily fit into different decorating styles. Let's explore some excellent living room wall panelling ideas to bring this classic technique into your living room!

Living Room Wall Panelling Ideas: Essential Materials for Implementation

  • Wood: Commonly used for its traditional and modern appeal. Wooden panelling creates a 3D effect with options like box mouldings or batten styles.
  • Fabric: Features wooden boards with foam and batting, providing a soft and cushiony finish. It is ideal for sound-proofed spaces like entertainment rooms and bedrooms.
  • Metal: Durable options like aluminium, steel, and copper. It adds a sleek statement to modern living rooms with the right finish.
  • Glass: Offers a lustrous or textured finish, suitable for room dividers or enhancing lighting aesthetics.
  • Wainscot: Fashioned from wood and synthetic materials, contemporary wainscoting graces the lower half of walls, featuring intricate patterns for an elegant touch.

Transformative Panelling Ideas: Elevating Your Living Room Wall

1. Crisp and Clean Whitewashed Panelling

Get a fresh and clean look with whitewashed wooden panels. They bring a bright and airy feel, adding a touch of subtle sophistication. The light neutral colour blends well with any colour scheme, and the gently weathered finish prevents it from looking too harsh. Try adding panels to one or two walls to define the space without making it feel crowded. Keep things seamless by painting the trim and mouldings in the same soft white tone. Match it with linen furniture, rattan accessories, and some potted plants for a relaxed Scandinavian vibe.

2. Soft Wood Tones Panelling for a Modern Living Room Wall

If you love your living space's natural, modern, or bohemian atmosphere, soft and natural wood-toned panelling is the way to go. Imagine light oak or driftwood grey planks seamlessly blending into your surroundings. Add depth by staining the recessed panels slightly darker than the boards. Infuse organic vibes with jute rugs, ceramic vases, and woven baskets. Ditch shiny metals and plastic; opt for wood, leather, linen, and cotton textures. The panelling frames the space and effortlessly complements the laid-back materials palette.

3. Create Cosy Vibes: Transform with Barn Wood Panelling

Imagine adding a touch of warmth and old-world charm to your living room wall with rustic panelling made from unfinished barn wood. Arrange the planks in different widths and patterns for that handmade, organic look. Pair it with worn-in leather armchairs, vintage Persian rugs, and unique old items. Keep the colours warm and earthy, bringing in things like terracotta pots, dried plants, and metal accents. For a modern twist on rustic, paint the recessed panels matte black. The result? A welcoming and comfortably lived-in space.

4. Jazz Up Your Living Room with Eclectic Panelling 

Want to bring some quirky character into your space? Let the panelling take the spotlight in this playful mix of diverse elements. Paint the boards and recessed panels in unexpected colours like deep teal and goldenrod or navy and burnt orange, creating a vibrant blend. Pair it with velvet, leather, lucite, wood furniture, and some abstract art. This panelling idea for your living room wall adds a cool visual twist and ties everything together, making your living room a unique and cohesive story of style.

5. Woodland Elegance at Home: Nature-Inspired Retreat

Picture transforming your indoor space by bringing the essence of the outdoors inside through wood panelling, creating a living room that feels like a sanctuary inspired by nature. Picture unfinished cedar or redwood boards like cabin walls arranged in vertical and horizontal patterns. Add rustic touches like comfy hammock chairs, pinecone and birch branch garlands, and vintage trunks. Use fabrics with floral and foliage motifs to connect with the wooded theme. Lastly, include a stacked stone fireplace and hanging Edison bulb fixtures for that warm, inviting woodland lodge feel.


Revamp your living space with these inspiring ideas for wall panelling in your living room walls. From coastal cottages to industrial lofts, discover the endless possibilities of panelling to add character and elevate your walls. Find the perfect look for your space, turning dull drywall into a stylish statement.