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Why Flats in Thane Are a Viable Choice for First-Time Homebuyers

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Posted on
Jul 14, 2023

Thane, a rapidly developing real estate hub near Mumbai, has gained immense traction among investors from various backgrounds. Its burgeoning popularity is attributed to a plethora of new and upcoming residential projects, making it the top choice for first-time homebuyers. The abundance of flats in Thane, either under construction or ready for occupancy, offers a diverse range of options to suit individual preferences. With such a wealth of choices, it comes as no surprise that Thane has captured the interest of those seeking excellent property opportunities in proximity to Mumbai.

Moreover, other contributing factors include its promising growth prospects and attractive amenities, solidifying Thane's position as the preferred destination for aspiring homeowners. Let us explore:

Proximity To Mumbai

One of the biggest reasons behind the growth of Thane as a major property hub is its proximity to Mumbai. The suburb is often referred to as the sister city of Mumbai and is well connected to different parts of the metro city through road and rail. The Eastern Expressway, JVLR, SCLR, Ghodbunder, and Thane - Belapur Road ensure seamless road connectivity between Mumbai and Thane. At the same time, the trans-harbour line and the Western line of the Indian Railways make commuting to Mumbai a lot easier.  

Relatively Lower Property Price

The flats in Thane are generally offered at a relatively lower price compared to similar properties in Mumbai. The property prices vary according to the choice of locality and type of flat, ranging from ₹28 Lac - ₹1.99 Cr. More importantly, the flats in the suburb are often more spacious compared to the flats in Mumbai while offering similar facilities and amenities. This is another factor contributing to the growing popularity of Thane as a residential property hub. 

Calm and Peaceful Environment

For people seeking a calm and peaceful living environment away from the hustle and bustle of a sprawling city, buying a home in Thane is the best choice. This is because a majority of apartment complexes in the suburb are located at some distance from the main roads, which ensures minimal disturbance due to flowing traffic and noises from the streets. Homeowners do not need to install soundproof glasses, doors, and windows to maintain a calm and relaxing environment indoors. 

Clean And Green Surroundings

Thane is known for its natural beauty and lush greenery, which makes it suitable for people looking to settle down close to nature. The suburb also houses around 33 lakes, which add to the scenic beauty of the region besides providing great avenues for fun and recreational activities. The abundantly green environments help in keeping the surroundings clean and minimising pollution. Thus buying flats in Thane can prove to be extremely beneficial for people seeking a clean and healthy environment for their loved ones.

Great Social Infrastructure 

Thane is one of the few suburbs near Mumbai that is known for its great infrastructural development. The region is home to several renowned schools and institutes of higher education. There are also ample healthcare centres offering the latest medical facilities for patients to ensure their health and well-being. The presence of numerous malls, shopping centres, restaurants, and recreational hubs ensures also enhances happiness and convenience for the residents. 

A Safe Living Environment

The crime rate in Thane is quite low, and people generally feel quite safe in this suburb. The streets are frequently patrolled by policemen, and the well-lit roads make it easier and safer for women to travel at night. The people are quite friendly and cooperative and ready to help, which further promotes a safe living environment. Law enforcement agencies do a good job of maintaining peace and attending to issues immediately to strengthen the sense of safety among the residents. 

A Good Quality Life

Thane promises to offer good quality living options to first-time homebuyers with its clean and pollution-free environment, peaceful surroundings, and safe and well-developed social setting. People planning to buy a flat in Thane can enjoy the benefit of leading a healthy, content life amidst beautiful green vistas that are rare to find in metro cities like Mumbai. Most importantly, the excellent connectivity options ensure that people can commute easily to and from work in minimal time. 

Final Thoughts

From being a distant suburb of Mumbai, Thane has today evolved into one of the most popular real estate hubs in India. It offers all the features and facilities that people seek in a region for buying the perfect home

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