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5 Drawing Room Ideas to Make Your Home Vastu Compliant

Blox Social
Posted on
Jun 19, 2023

A drawing room is where you host your guests. That is why it should be well-maintained. An elegantly designed drawing room can leave a positive impact on visitors and want them to come again. It is also the place where family members bond over tea or meals. A well-kept drawing room plays a vital role in elevating your standards of living and enhancing your prestige. So it is necessary that you pay particular attention to the design and decor of your drawing room and make it vastu compliant. Designing your home according to Vastu principles will usher in positivity and rid your home of negative energies. So here are a few drawing room ideas that will help you make your home vastu compliant.

How to place furniture 

Arranging your furniture creatively will make the room appear spacious, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. But a drawing room layout according to vastu principles can lead to the good health of family members and bring prosperity and peace to the household. Ensure that the sofas, chairs, ottoman and other seating arrangements are in the southwestern or western direction. If the drawing room is the place where you watch television along with your family members, ensure that its placement is in the southeastern corner.

Selecting the right colour

The wall colours should add a touch of sophistication to your living room and make it look warm and inviting. You should select the colours wisely if you want your drawing room to be Vastu-complaint. Always use light colours like white and cream. If you want your drawing room to shine, you can paint your walls in yellow, blue or green. But remember to keep them light. Bold colours should never be used. Never use grey, dark blue, red or other dark colours. Though these colours are good to look at, they can lead to a tense ambience. On the other hand, light colours will create a soothing atmosphere in the drawing room.

Indoor plants that spread positivity 

Placing indoor plants in your home has many benefits. They help reduce stress, improve air quality, enhance the homeowners’ mood, and energise the environment. However, if you are considering making your drawing room vastu-compliant, it is necessary to place the plants at selected spots. Arrange the plants in your living room’s northeastern part. As per Vastu, you should bring home indoor plants like money plant, peace lily, jasmine and jade plant to name a few. These will enhance the look of your drawing room and purify the air. In addition, these plants will make the room look refreshing and a place where you would want to spend quality time with your loved ones. On the other hand, thorny plants like cactus should be avoided because Vastu believes that such plants can encompass your home with harmful energy.

The perfect lights  

Using the right lights can increase positivity and make the drawing room look vibrant. Natural light is considered the best. Instead of depending on artificial light during the day, ensure that the drawing room is filled with natural light. To make the environment peaceful during the evening avoid lights that are harsh or emit a glare. For a calming effect, you can use soft lights. 

Things that you should avoid

Though you would want to embellish your drawing room with the best artwork, colours and accessories, there are certain things that you should avoid.

Paintings can liven up a living room. However, never hang paintings that evoke a feeling of sadness. According to Vastu, such paintings can surround the living room with bad energy. Though the painting of a sinking ship or a war scene may appeal to you, avoid hanging it on your drawing room wall.

The photos of your ancestors should never be in the drawing room’s northeast part. Furthermore, if you have any damaged appliance, clock, photos or mirrors in the drawing room, remove them immediately.


The drawing room is an area where the family members bond with each other. Making your home vastu compliant will help eliminate negative energy and build a positive aura in the drawing room and other parts of the home. This in turn will significantly impact the health and wellbeing of the family members and usher in good fortune. Many builders are now-a-days constructing homes that are vastu compliant. You can search for these homes on Blox, India’s first consumer-centric real estate buying platform. You can visit the site to get to know the features and amenities available. No brokerage will be charged for site visits and access to properties. Hopefully, the drawing room ideas mentioned above will help you make your home vastu compliant.